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Status Updates posted by Zoe/Kelli

  1. thanx!

    lol now i need 2 think of stuff 2 write

  2. yes plez,

    if its ok with u

  3. no where do u get the adress things from

  4. u can write 2 actors, (dw im reli slow)

  5. kool,

    wait u can write 2 them now?

  6. zoe or kelli,

    but fm ppl on the show now

    drew, or belle

  7. on the show now or out of all the characters i have seen

  8. so u will have disturbed sleep

  9. ok kool,

    have fun or ur trip tho

  10. um yeh i had skool 2day did u?

  11. nah i onli reli go on here and i didnt use 2 be on here much

  12. kinda u add it dwn the bottom after the typing

  13. my real name is Bek well Rebecca but i perfer Bek

  14. skool,

    msn, bebo all tht sorta stuff,

    how bout ya

  15. your welcome so wats new

  16. dnt laugh but how do u kno im australian its 8.52 ova here!

  17. skool, other than tht msn, bebo

    how bout ya?

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