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  1. heyy im BeK



  2. heyy im talking 2 u on msn lol

  3. heyy

    its me i was just wondering if this would work

  4. heyy,

    u gotta let it run outta charge then charge it it should work coz it happened 2 me as well

  5. hey im talking to you on msn now lol

  6. obsession

    *high five*

  7. yeh but my friends are like ahh when i talk about h&a


  8. thts ok,

    im ok i guess,


  9. ya!

    well i perfer Zoe more then Kelli,

    her last storyline was kinna weird (gay)

  10. kool,

    i reli liked Zoes storyline 2, it was kool as, lol thts wen i started watchin h&a, but im glad i did, i dnt reli like peter

  11. hey Em!

    how r ya goin?

    lol we havent talked 4 ages. check the mail! lol

  12. skool, other than tht msn, bebo

    how bout ya?

  13. dnt laugh but how do u kno im australian its 8.52 ova here!

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