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  1. dnt laugh but how do u kno im australian its 8.52 ova here!

  2. Hello!

    How are yewh

    long time since we talked

    wb Bekk x

  3. hey em,

    how r things goin

  4. hey Em!

    how r ya goin?

    lol we havent talked 4 ages. check the mail! lol

  5. hey im talking to you on msn now lol

  6. Hey,

    how are you??

    long time no talk

  7. heyy im BeK



  8. heyy im talking 2 u on msn lol

  9. heyy,

    u gotta let it run outta charge then charge it it should work coz it happened 2 me as well

  10. heyy

    its me i was just wondering if this would work

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