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  1. I couldn’t help picking up on that line as well. And I’m also concerned about where the Dex/April ship is sailing myself… I’m still in two frames of mind about Dex being paired up with anyone else at all, actually. I quite like that he’s the “single one” because it allows him to be his own person, instead of “so-and-so’s boyfriend/girlfriend” like some of the other characters have become at times. Although I guess it has to happen sooner or later – in this show, no one remains single for long, unless they’re people like Irene, Alf, etc… ;) In terms of a favourite Dex, mine is definitely Number 2. I didn’t find the first one all that memorable to be honest, although that wasn’t helped by his extremely short stint on the show. At least Charles has had a much longer time to establish himself in the role. I just wrote a big blog about this on my new Tumblr account, actually (yeah I’m a tumblin’ newbie ;D ); I like the fact that he’s so different from all the other teens on the show at the moment – he’s not the buff, sexy surfer dude that all the girls obsess over, he’s just a cute, intelligent, quirky type of geek who isn’t afraid to be who he is, despite the fact that other people find him to be a complete weirdo at times. He’s still managed to make friends for himself anyway, and adds a different and deeper dimension to the current teen group. As for the “he’s gay!” suggestions, hmm… I wouldn’t mind seeing that as a possible storyline either, because there are so many angles that could be shown if done correctly and with sensitivity and the same humour that Dex provides to the show at the moment. But given how the Charlie/Joey storyline turned out, I wouldn’t hold much hope in it being treated the way it should be, let alone being done at all. Which is obviously a great shame, since it wouldn’t exactly be unrealistic to have an openly homosexual regular character in the show – I’m sure there must be some living in or near Summer Bay, right? =oP It doesn’t even need to be Dex, it could be anyone. Ah well… we can always live in hope that it might happen again one day!
  2. Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 1
  3. Thanks for the comment about the avatar, I miss Robertson :( =oP Bring him back and get rid of Angelo I say, hehehe.

  4. Nice avatar!

    And, yes, Angelo has to be smuggest character I've ever seen on T.V. I can't stand him.

  5. I love your Robert avatar, it's very clever!

  6. I’m hoping he’ll come back as well, but they probably had to send him away so that he wouldn’t get caught up in the “mystery storyline” and solve it before that idiot – I mean Angelo – could RR was a brilliant character though. Now there’s no one around to keep me interested and entertained *sigh*
  7. I’ve written the same sort of thing elsewhere, but I really like what I’ve seen of Robert Robertson so far, right down to his name. He’s quirky and appears to have unorthodox methods that have well and truly engaged my interest – it’s about time a wacky detective hit Summer Bay He reminds me of the sort of detective that might appear in a British mystery series – there’s a particular type of humour about him that’s similar to some of the other shows I like (New Tricks, Murder City, just to name but two). I’m hoping he sticks around for a while to come, because he’s actually making me want to watch the show now (I wouldn’t have cared much about the whole Charlie/Grant thing otherwise). Oh and I like his fashion sense as well – the suit and waistcoat look - nice
  8. ^^ Now that would be cool... Morag would have to be one of my favourite characters overall. I particularly like it when she gets herself involved in the mystery type storylines. She should get her own spin-off series - 'Bellingham Investigates' - British detective style
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