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  1. Take it you like that song too so Cal!!! Im listening to Apologize too!
  2. I love it!! Mattie is getting around, isnt she??!! Oh cant wait to find out what happens with Mattie and they guys!!! Update soon please!
  3. Lol she cant be that bad!! Good Night, ttyl xx
  4. Yep they sure are!! and they teach us, no hope for us so! Well today I went to my brothers match (which they won! ) and other than that I've been taking it easy, while I can too much school work!!! What about you?!
  5. MSN is on all the computers in our school! If we are caught on it we just say "oh I'm only sending information to (name)"-someone in the class! and then they would be like "oh ok, come of it asap!" and its like yeah whatever!! teachers can be so stupid sometimes!
  6. hahaha Thats so stupid we only get a warning and are told not to go on it again! Then the odd time its like "get off that computer and stand outside the door!" and then we get a lecture!! lol
  7. Well I would go on in school but we get watched closely and dont be on the computers that long anyway!! Im good thanks! Happy I dont have school for a week!! Sorry Rosey!
  8. at least you can get on it, while in school! The teachers in my school have almost every forum blocked
  9. Oh you should dress up though! I love scary movies! I usually end up laughing, but then sometimes I do let out a scream and then end up in tears because I've scared myself so much Hey Siana! How you?
  10. I stopped going Trick Or Treating when I was 12 'cause I felt like an idiot getting dressed up and going around the streets!! So Cal what are you dressing up as?? Assuming you are! Oh and Hi Rosey!! At school? Oh wait your in Australia differnt time zones!!
  11. Yeah same here!! Its great not having to get up early in the morning!! Anyone doing anything interesting for Halloween??
  12. *Waves han around in the air* Noo Me Me Me I like That Song!!!! Haha!!! Edit: I forgot to write what im listening to now!!! Haha Leona Lewis-Bleeding Love! Siana__x Oh cool, I was thinking that I couldnt be the only one that liked it!! Oh snapp I'm listening to Leona too!!
  13. thought so!!! System of a Down - Lonely Day
  14. Apologize - Timbaland feat. One Repbulic Love this song sooooo much!! Any one else think its great? Or am I the only one?
  15. Hey, Happy Birthday!Have a gr8 day! Love your sig, liverpool are the best! lol x

  16. I thought it was one of the worst movies ever made!!
  17. OMG I hated Little Miss Sunshine!! My Super Ex-Girlfreind, thought it was good!
  18. Hey, glad you two (Sam and Rosey) met Delta and had a good day!! Anyone around now??
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