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  1. Hope you had a good time!! Oh I'll probobly end up crying if thats the case!
  2. Run Away, no idea who sings it though!
  3. Love that song^ The Fray - Little House
  4. Aww thats sucks but we'll have great ideas for when you get back!! Have a good time!! Great update, please find a heart for Mattie?!! Oh cant wait to find out who the father of Annies baby!!!
  5. One of the best movies made!! Off to watch Fast and The Furious now!
  6. im glad you like the twists in my fic lol... i hope so bout mattie too...oh wait im writin the fic haha surpirsing yourself now!!! Well its up to you wheather Mattie is ok or not............... .................... The twists are fantastic, and the best thing is they are so unpredictable!!! Which makes it even better!!
  7. Great chapter!! Hope Mattie gets a heart in time... Oh who else could be the father?!! another twist! I love it!!
  8. How did you know??!? I just have loads to think about, and nothing seems to be making sense! Oh another chapeter already??!!! Thats very nice of you! xx
  9. thats not fair!! I'll think of a few in a while, cant think of any at the min, sorry!!
  10. It made me laugh too!! I say you will get some good ideas!!
  11. Micheal Bublé - Lost Its a really good song!
  12. Wyclef Jean ft. Akon, Lil Wayne, and Nia - Sweetest Girl
  13. She had never thought of Lucas anymore than a friend but when she first moved to the bay, she had wanted Ric so badly that every time she saw him lately her heart skipped a beat, or was that just her heart failing...she didnt know anymore. I love that line! This is getting better than it already is! Ohhh Drew is back, interesting! Cant wait for the next chapter I will try come up with a few ideas, not sure if they will be any good though!!
  14. Just watched Hitcher! OMG really good movie but it was kinda gorey!! If ya get me?!!
  15. Ehhh Bring It On: All or Nothing well its ok but the first one is waaaaaaay better, in my opinion! Still good enough though! Devil Wears Prada = great film, one of my favs! Never read the book so I wouldn't know!! Just watched The 40 Year Old Virgin, was really funny!
  16. Was: Mika - Happy Ending Now: Timbaland ft. One Republic - Apologize
  17. no it wasnt kit who turned off the machine and are you talking about Tia? How do you know that Cassie still loves Ric lol? all will be revealed in good time lol Yea I am on about Tia, oops! I dont know, Im only guessing!!
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