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  1. Have to wait a whole day??!! Im sure we can survive! hehe
  2. Great chaper!! Ohh so its Tia thats texting Mattie! Oh Cassie better be nice to Drew. Go Lucas, lets hope Yasmin leaves then!! Update soon, please!
  3. I cant get some of them to work either! I just get the red x too!
  4. Those are really good! Love the last one, and its not 'cause Cassie is blurred out! Its just my fav one! Well done!
  5. Great update! I kinda like the idea of Drew and Cassie now! Poor Annie, Belle could've been a bit nicer to her! Aww is it Lucas who makes her(Mattie) dinner?? Tia and Yasmin hope Tia is ok, I think! Cant wait for more!
  6. Great update! What kind of boyfriend is Ric?? Not going to see Mattie! Drew and Cassie?! Never pictured them together......ever! Cant wait for more!
  7. Well who would have guessed??!!!! She will be missed! Glad Mattie is ok Does he sees Luc's face first?? Great update!! Cant wait for more
  8. No not Dom as the father, anyone but him!! I think I would have done the same thing and ran the other way
  9. Loved that chapter! Dont think Im going to like Rics sister much Yay a heart just on time! Really wanna know who dies though!!? Really good update, still loving the twists more than ever !!
  10. Nice work, second one is great!!
  11. that was really good, but sad So sad, please let Mattie be ok! Please dont make her die! Oh who has Annie been sleeping with!? Great update, it was worth the wait!!
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