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  1. I'm just waiting for the second part of the Children in Need appeal to start. Pudsey!!!...:wub: I've been watching it since it started at 7pm...I probably won't watch all of it though, considering it finishes at 2am :lol:.

    Anyone else watching it?...

    I watched a bit of it! But was switching between that and Im a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!

    Will watch a good bit of it now though, 'cause Westlife are gonna be on it :D

  2. Loved that chapter becasue of Lucas!!

    Hope Ric finds out Yasmin isnt his sister before she leaves - if she does! :unsure:

    Glad Mattie is recovering! Maybe Lucas could help he recover even more!! :wink:

    hmmmmmmmm you have just given me an idea, thanks hehe :lol:

    Its ok, gkad I helped without realising!!

    Great chapter, yay Mattie and Luc!! Hope they saty together now!!

    Oh the next chapeter sounds really good!! Cant wait for it!

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