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  1. that was the perfect ending to a great story!!! Mattie and Lucas's ending was so cute but sad. I was on the edge of my seat! Especially when Naoimi and Ric were in Lucs apartment! Glad Tony and Beth were there for Mattie and Lucs final moments! I definatly want you o write a sequel to it, if you can!! Til Death Do Us Part has to be the best fic I've read! Well done, cant wait to read your other fics!
  2. Cute chapter, but sad that Belle dies! :oJack, Martha, Tasha, Robbie, Leah and Irene all just leave the next day?!! Glad Cassie/Drew and Mattie/Lucas are still friends! Oh Ric the traitor! Shouldnt be in with Naomi or being nice to her!!! Last chapter, not sure whether I want to read it when you post
  3. How could you ened it there!!? Grreat chapter, glad the truth is about about some of the things but wish it wasnt because of Naoimi! Hope its Naomi that dies It has to be Ric that buys the gun 'cause hes not happy with Mattie and Luc ! Cant wait for your next fic! Am so going to read it!!!
  4. Great updates! Aww Luc and Mattie, and now a baby?!!! Another death??! I hope its Naomi too! Cant wait to see what Ric says about Yasmin, and the rest! Only 3 chapters left? It was a great fanfic so well done!! Will be sad to see it end!
  5. I Can Hear the Bells from Hairspray
  6. Love that song!! Daniel Powter - Love You Lately love this too!
  7. Omg yeah, they were great! Hope Westlife will be on soon!
  8. Hmm interesting! Might go have a look now! Yeah Leonas version of that id really good! Listening to Nicole Scherzinger(sp?) - Baby Love
  9. thats two things I would have never put together!! Michael Buble - Everything
  10. I watched a bit of it! But was switching between that and Im a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! Will watch a good bit of it now though, 'cause Westlife are gonna be on it
  11. hmmmmmmmm you have just given me an idea, thanks hehe Its ok, gkad I helped without realising!! Great chapter, yay Mattie and Luc!! Hope they saty together now!! Oh the next chapeter sounds really good!! Cant wait for it!
  12. Loved that chapter becasue of Lucas!! Hope Ric finds out Yasmin isnt his sister before she leaves - if she does! Glad Mattie is recovering! Maybe Lucas could help he recover even more!!
  13. Mattie one is gorgeous, love the cropping! The sixth one is also really good!
  14. Good chapter! Love Lucas, hope he tells them the truth!
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