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  1. Yea I love The Devil Wears Prada, I could watch it over and over!! Just my Luck, I love that too!!
  2. Nope never seen it, is it any good? The Devil Wears Prada
  3. Just read all the chapters and Im loving it all! Hope everything goes right for Jack and Martha! Oh and Ranya and Kim Aww Mattie and Luc Anyway, great fic so far! Cant wait for more!
  4. lol i do hav msn, i added u! its i_xx_westlife@hotmail.com btw!! just so you dnt tink its sum randomer...x

  5. Hiii! oh wow 3mnths! nope dont hav either unfortunatly! :-( sorry hun... x

  6. Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You
  7. Well Im ok, could be better but oh well!! What did you do today then?
  8. Nice avs Jen, all of them are really good! Love the second one! Its so cute!!
  9. I love that song too! Westlife - Pictures In My Head
  10. Just spent the days with friends, relaxing!! What about you?
  11. ok Id never sleep that late! 1.30 ish sometimes! Even though these days Im p at around 10
  12. I always over sleep My day was good! Quite tired now though!
  13. Im here, hey girls and guys!! Ohh surf school, cool! Id love to learn to surf!! Think Ill do it next Summer! How was everyones day?
  14. Oh thats ok then I thought you meant you started today and I was lik wow 50 eps in a day!! lol Yeah same, night everyone x
  15. when did you start watching them? Jack Oh and Ive added you as a friend, hope you dont mind!
  16. Aww old Home and Away clips love watching them!! Im looking at videos on youtube! Think Ill watch some Home and Away ones now though!
  17. That good, I was tired but not anymore!! Aww that sucks!
  18. Hi abbie and Rosey, and everyone else! Just thought Id stop by and ask how everyone is?!
  19. The way you ended the story was great! Thought ir was very effective!
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