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  1. lol i do hav msn, i added u! its i_xx_westlife@hotmail.com btw!! just so you dnt tink its sum randomer...x

  2. lol..my mum wouldnt agree with me either!! oh well nothin we can do bout it then!

  3. Lucky u having another week off..Im back in less than 15hours!!! Grrrr!! lol im gdgd!!

  4. No Id never do that!! hehe....I really am but I much better today!!

  5. No not in skul...bank holiday and we have 2moro off too!! poor u lots of skul wrk eww!! LOL

  6. No your not!!! A german Shepard and she is having pups soon I think!! Life is great here..On hols but not for long more!! lol

  7. No, because I'm no good at writin stuff like that!! If I knew I was able to write stuff that was half as good as ppl on here then I might!! lol

  8. Nothin much talkin ta ppl on msn!! Being bored!! Lol! What u beeen up to??

  9. Oh and its only 7 weeks when I go back until I get my Summer hols yipee!!! lol

  10. oh i h8 weather!!...well here its kinda sunny(for like a min!) but then it gets all cloudy and starts rainin...so its not gd!!!...Great summer weather were getting!

  11. Oh ok..i wasa wondering what it was!!!! well you can get a provisional when ur 17..but u can only drive with a person over 25 during the day..not after 9 pm or somthing like that!!! Im not too sure! Most people wait til theier 18 cuz of the waiting lists for the theory and stuff!!!

  12. oh rite!! btw ur fics are really good!!

  13. Oh, there is prob a good few people!! I'll let you know if I find anyone...

  14. Rain..it was sunny here for al of two mins!! Im gdgd, and u?? I think u sud stay home from skel for fear u get a cold like the rest of them!! i would!! lol

  15. Soory its so long...I didnt realise it!! oops

  16. We get 2weeks of at X-mas (depending when x-mas eve is!) and 3months for Summer!! Unless your in your final year of secondary school then your doing exams throught June!!!

    What about New Zeland how long do you get??

  17. wel arent u lucky its raining here and it doesnt look like its going to stop anytime soon!!! :-(

  18. Wel I didnt really want to and the activity centre was on the other side of ireland and it didnt sound much fun...A good few ppl didnt go!! Oh and because it wasnt worth €60!! Y should you be tired??

  19. Ya i noticed that!! oj..Oh well doesnt bother me!!

  20. Ya I saw that too!! I would have just confused myself if I hadnt stopped myself though!! oh well...

  21. Ya they are but this one is really hiper and jumps upon ya and everything so yeah!!! I go back on Monday and i had two weeks off so I cant complain!!

  22. Yep i know!! I loved the whole stalker storyline with Zoe!! But withKelli it gor dragged out waaay 2much! and she hurt peter so thats the main reason y i dnt lik her!! lol

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