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  1. Cold, raining and windy!! Normal weather for Ireland!
  2. Good chapter! Glad Martha finally kicked Stevie out!! Yay Martha finally realises its Jack she wants!!!! Poor Martha having to find out about Tash that way and for Tash having to read about it! Update soon please!!
  3. ^ I haven't listened to that song in ages!! I think I am going to listen to it after the one I am listening to now. Westlife - Us Against The World I know, I had the Coast to Coast album on the other day and I was like "OMG!! Remember this song??!" (about every song!) to my friends! Us Against the World = Brilliant song!! Oh its supposedly the next single of the new album Listening to: Shayne Ward - Thats My Goal
  4. ^ Really liking this song at the mo: Big Girls Dont Cry (Remix) - Fergie and Sean Kingston
  5. Pouring out of the heavns and has been all day! Oh and its really windy too!!
  6. Oh the Shrek soundtracks are really good, I love them!! HSM is good and so is HSM2! It definately worth watching but the songs are soooo catchy!
  7. You watched it!! Im addicted to the songs from Shrek 1 and 2! Really cant wait for the thrid one now!! Just watched HighSchool Musical 1!
  8. I have to sing along to that song and have it on really loud whenever I hear it!! Its a great song!! *Sings along with you!* It’s too late to apologize. I said it’s too late Now: East 17 - Stay Another Day
  9. My favourite chapter!! Awww Jack is so adorable Hate Stevie he is like a male version of Ranya!!! Oh the Bay? not sure if thats good or bad! Cant wait for next update to see what happens with Martha and Jack!
  10. Brilliant song!! Chris Brown - Kiss Kiss
  11. Good chapeter! Poor Tasha hope it gets sorted out! Mattie and Lucas! Ohh Jacks not giving up, thats great!
  12. Love that one, it gorgeous!!! Really miss Beth now Harry Potter ones are lovely! Great cropping on them!
  13. Two great chapters!! Yay Martha slapper Ranya, go Martha!! Aww Robbie and Tasha And Barbra your right, Kim and Ranya deserve to be with each other as they are both so horrible and mean to everyone around them!!! Update soon please, cant wait to see what happens when Martha returns!
  14. Whitney Houston - One Moment In Time
  15. Well you should watch Shrek 2 on Thursday!!
  16. Awww Shrek, love it!! There is a third one out and there are mini-shreks in it!! So cant wait to see it!!
  17. Hey, just thouhgt Id leave a comment as you had none!! So hi!! Oh and Ive added you to my friends list x

  18. I totally agree. It's great. Bring It On: All or Nothing: You were right, *purple*star* (sorry I don't know your first name), it's good but the first movie was better. Its ok, my name is Amy just so you know for next time Just watched Shrek 2
  19. Good chapter! Poor Tasha, Kim is a jerk! Not liking him atm!! Ewww not Ranya and Jack again! Please make Jack see that Martha is the one he wants!! Update soon please! Want to find out who Jack chooses?!
  20. Nope never seen it, is it any good? The Devil Wears Prada Yep, Kelly Rowan (Kirsten from The OC) and Samuel L Jackson star, it was really interesting!! Oh I have always wanted to watch The Devil Wears Prada!! I heard its brilliant. Oh ok cool, will have to check it out so!! Omg you like have to watch The Devil Wears Prada!! Most, actually all the people I know that saw it said it was brilliant!!
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