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  1. Great fic...I was laughing so much my brother came running up to see if I was ok!!!! Keep up the good work..
  2. OMG...Great fic!!! Keep up the good work.... I really like the way Drew is living with Peter and the way that they are getting on really well!! Please update as soon as possible I cant wait to find out about Fitzy!!!
  3. I know I never thought I would be sick of choc but I ate lots 2day!!! You poor thing...I got loads of school work to do for Monday but I still havent opened my bag since the 30th!! oops...lol!! So well done for actually doin yor work..

  4. Im good..sick of chocolate though!!! lol

    and you??

  5. Oh, there is prob a good few people!! I'll let you know if I find anyone...

  6. Hi lowi..Im from Galway!!!

  7. Fall Out Boy-This Aint A Scene, Its An Arms Race
  8. Great story so far!! Please update soon..
  9. Cascada-Bad Boy..Great song to dance to!!!
  10. In the West of Ireland the sun is shinning but its still cold!!! Its like 12C...
  11. Well Im off to bed now!!! Chat ta y'all soon!!! xx
  12. The project is on The History of Australia!! Its for History and its such a waste of time because I dont even want to do History next year in school!!!
  13. Hi people..Wha ye up ta?? Im trying to finish a project that due on Tuesday and I cant do it on Monday because Im off to an Adventure centre with school!!! Cant wait!!
  14. What Dreams are Made Of-Paolo and Isabella....Its from the Hillay Dufff movie!!
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