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  1. Hehe you'll have to go to bed early!! lol

    Im good keeping myself busy to prevent myself making anymore lists!! lol...

  2. I think every1 would!! lol Still doin college work then I suppose??...So how r u today?? (",)

  3. Glamorous-Fergie Its a cool song!
  4. OMG those are really cool...Personally I don't like Lelle but now after seeing those av's I kinda do!! They're very cute together!!
  5. Msn wasn't working yesterday mine is workin fine today!!! Try it after you restart the computer!!
  6. We get 2weeks of at X-mas (depending when x-mas eve is!) and 3months for Summer!! Unless your in your final year of secondary school then your doing exams throught June!!!

    What about New Zeland how long do you get??

  7. Hey jeh-jeh! Yeah, it's so sweet and romantic... I meant way back into love, but Pop goes my heart is pretty catchy, isn't it? OMG....I saw that movie when it came out and that was in like February and the songs are still stuck in my head!! Its such a good film!! I loved the dance moves for Pop Goes My Heart!! lol
  8. God no I do not have a job!!! Wel our Summer isnt really a Summer it does be raining for most of it!!

  9. BTW are you on hols from school/work??

  10. Oh and its only 7 weeks when I go back until I get my Summer hols yipee!!! lol

  11. Ya they are but this one is really hiper and jumps upon ya and everything so yeah!!! I go back on Monday and i had two weeks off so I cant complain!!

  12. In ireland its still only 11 am so hopefully it wwill get hotter and I can sunbathe!! Its 17 C...Well thats what is coming up on the weather site!!
  13. No your not!!! A german Shepard and she is having pups soon I think!! Life is great here..On hols but not for long more!! lol

  14. Bordem really does lol!! Good news Im not bored now!! Well did ya find anyone from the north??

  15. Im good...I was so bored yesterday but went for a really long walk today with my aunt and her dog(which im scared of!!)!! it was fun and I waasnt bored anymore!! Lol..Hows life in Roccoland??

  16. A Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray...I love this film I have watches it so much times before bt after every time it gets better and better!!...
  17. I'm good..Tired though!! No problem 'cause well your av's really are cool!!

  18. Hi Roccoluver! Yup I sure do like Rocco/Ian Meadows!!! He is a great actor!!! Oh and I love his character...So how r u??

  19. Hi..How are you?? (",)

  20. I was bored!!! Nothing to do...I finally have a project done that I only started like 2hours ago!! Yay for me....No prob hope you find someone you know!!

  21. The sun is shining here in Ireland...Its 7*C!!! It was really hot earlier today!!
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