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  1. Whistle For The Choir-The Fratellis
  2. Hey how are you today? School still boring and evil? It is for me anyway!! Lol

  3. Hi lowi! How are you??

  4. Natasha Bedingfield-I wanna have your Babies...Its sich a col song!
  5. Awwww....I feel your pain!!! Lol!!

  6. Nothin much talkin ta ppl on msn!! Being bored!! Lol! What u beeen up to??

  7. High School Musical Soundtrack!! I love it and Zac Efron!! lol
  8. Wel I didnt really want to and the activity centre was on the other side of ireland and it didnt sound much fun...A good few ppl didnt go!! Oh and because it wasnt worth €60!! Y should you be tired??

  9. Hi...I went to skul this morning and was home 2 n 1/2 hours later because the class were gone on an activity and I didnt want to go 2weeks ago!! (We had the choice!) So it was a gr8 day back!! Anyhow..how r u?? :-)

  10. Hey I have checked several music downloading sites (legal ones!!) and that song isnt to be got on them...Sorry!! I'm listening to Celine Dion-Because You Loved Me right now and whatever else is on my mp3 player!!!
  11. I watched five movies last night!! They were all really good!! (Even though I saw some of them several times before!!) Step Up, High School Musical, The Devil Wears Prada The Break-Up and Yours Mine and Ours!!
  12. Lucky u having another week off..Im back in less than 15hours!!! Grrrr!! lol im gdgd!!

  13. No problem!! Cool lucky you Rosey!! Hope you have a great time.
  14. Its god except Im dreadin school on Mon as I have loads to do!! hehe...how u?? ",

  15. No, because I'm no good at writin stuff like that!! If I knew I was able to write stuff that was half as good as ppl on here then I might!! lol

  16. oh rite!! btw ur fics are really good!!

  17. Sorry...third one down the one with the black border and white fill!!
  18. I think the eighth font would be good!
  19. hehe!! well weird is cool!! lol

  20. I dont know but knowing me I'd find something to make a list!! lol...Cool...It really is lol!!

    Im not weird!! Am I?? lol

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