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  1. Ya I saw that too!! I would have just confused myself if I hadnt stopped myself though!! oh well...

  2. I was just about to post a comment to myself...So smart!!!! thats gdgd...Portugal was gr8..had a fab time!! xx

  3. Cool..lucky u!! Did ya have a gd time?? I went to Portugal 4 a week and now Im doin nothin..jus chillin!! xx

  4. Hey...its been ages since I was tlkin to u!! What u been up to l8ly?? Ixxx

  5. ^ One of my fav songs!! Ashley Tisdale-Be Good To Me
  6. Omg...I love One Tree Hill too...My fave is Haley or Brooke!!
  7. I love that song so much.. I'm listening to Mr.Brightside by The Killers!!!
  8. Since Monday the sun has been shinning and its really hot!! Its been up to 23 C....
  9. Step Up.....once again..I love that movie!!
  10. Hey..Im good all better!! Hows u??

  11. Oh well good luck in the exmas even though you probably don't need it!!
  12. No Id never do that!! hehe....I really am but I much better today!!

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