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  1. Wel I didnt really want to and the activity centre was on the other side of ireland and it didnt sound much fun...A good few ppl didnt go!! Oh and because it wasnt worth €60!! Y should you be tired??

  2. Nothin much talkin ta ppl on msn!! Being bored!! Lol! What u beeen up to??

  3. Awwww....I feel your pain!!! Lol!!

  4. Hi lowi! How are you??

  5. Hey how are you today? School still boring and evil? It is for me anyway!! Lol

  6. Hello!! Its great it was sunny but now its back to the good oul rain!! *sniff sniff*!!! LOL...How r u??

  7. Grrrrr....lucky u!! wel it has stopped rainin but it still cold!! How u??? Wat time is it in NZ?? It almost 11.30 am here!!!

  8. No not in skul...bank holiday and we have 2moro off too!! poor u lots of skul wrk eww!! LOL

  9. Hey...How are ya?? Hows lofe treatin ya??

  10. Its been ages.....Im good...was on work experience last week so no school(thank god!!) lol...wubu2?

  11. It was gr8 waz in an office with two of my aunts and the ppl were so nice! Congrats on the job!! I really should get one!! lol :-)

  12. Hehe its k!! I was wondering why i was readin my own msg again!! lol Well Im 16 and parents are teling me to get a job but I dnt wanna get 1...not all my friends hav jobs but a few of them do and they wish they didnt so I think Ill leave it for next year!! hehe...I was ina solicitors office and was filing and doing stuuf like that it was really interesting!!

  13. Soory its so long...I didnt realise it!! oops

  14. hehe..annoyed me!! You dont annoy me!! lol Erm...Nothin the usual goin to skul n stuff!! But now Im at home supposed to b in bed cuz im sick!! hehe! So how hav you been??

  15. erm..im not too sick!! Jus reali didnt wanna go to skul...only jokin!!!

  16. No Id never do that!! hehe....I really am but I much better today!!

  17. Hey..Im good all better!! Hows u??

  18. Hey...its been ages since I was tlkin to u!! What u been up to l8ly?? Ixxx

  19. Cool..lucky u!! Did ya have a gd time?? I went to Portugal 4 a week and now Im doin nothin..jus chillin!! xx

  20. I was just about to post a comment to myself...So smart!!!! thats gdgd...Portugal was gr8..had a fab time!! xx

  21. Ya I saw that too!! I would have just confused myself if I hadnt stopped myself though!! oh well...

  22. Ya i noticed that!! oj..Oh well doesnt bother me!!

  23. oh i h8 weather!!...well here its kinda sunny(for like a min!) but then it gets all cloudy and starts rainin...so its not gd!!!...Great summer weather were getting!

  24. erm..im not too sure what it is!!!lol..omg..thats so cool..good luck/congrats!! i wish i was able to drive...have to wait another year! :-(

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