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  1. Hey...its been ages since I was tlkin to u!! What u been up to l8ly?? Ixxx

  2. Hey..Im good all better!! Hows u??

  3. Hi lowi! How are you??

  4. Hi lowi..Im from Galway!!!

  5. Hi Roccoluver! Yup I sure do like Rocco/Ian Meadows!!! He is a great actor!!! Oh and I love his character...So how r u??

  6. Hi, i just saw ur sig and the reason u have "junior member" under your name is because your not that long after joining!! Hope Im right!! lol

  7. Hi...I went to skul this morning and was home 2 n 1/2 hours later because the class were gone on an activity and I didnt want to go 2weeks ago!! (We had the choice!) So it was a gr8 day back!! Anyhow..how r u?? :-)

  8. Hi..How are you?? (",)

  9. Hiii! oh wow 3mnths! nope dont hav either unfortunatly! :-( sorry hun... x

  10. I dont know but knowing me I'd find something to make a list!! lol...Cool...It really is lol!!

    Im not weird!! Am I?? lol

  11. I know I never thought I would be sick of choc but I ate lots 2day!!! You poor thing...I got loads of school work to do for Monday but I still havent opened my bag since the 30th!! oops...lol!! So well done for actually doin yor work..

  12. I member me n my friend used2 make sure we watched the episodes 2gether!!!

    Love Peter jus not as much as Jack/Ric!!

    I first started watchin it the day Noah and Hayley got married!! Seen almost every ep. since then!!

  13. I think every1 would!! lol Still doin college work then I suppose??...So how r u today?? (",)

  14. I was bored!!! Nothing to do...I finally have a project done that I only started like 2hours ago!! Yay for me....No prob hope you find someone you know!!

  15. I was just about to post a comment to myself...So smart!!!! thats gdgd...Portugal was gr8..had a fab time!! xx

  16. I'm good..Tired though!! No problem 'cause well your av's really are cool!!

  17. Im good...I was so bored yesterday but went for a really long walk today with my aunt and her dog(which im scared of!!)!! it was fun and I waasnt bored anymore!! Lol..Hows life in Roccoland??

  18. Im good..sick of chocolate though!!! lol

    and you??

  19. Im not too bad!

    I take it ur a big Zoe/Kelli fan!!! Hav 2say I dnt lik Kelli at all!

  20. It was gr8 waz in an office with two of my aunts and the ppl were so nice! Congrats on the job!! I really should get one!! lol :-)

  21. Its been ages.....Im good...was on work experience last week so no school(thank god!!) lol...wubu2?

  22. Its god except Im dreadin school on Mon as I have loads to do!! hehe...how u?? ",

  23. Its ok...not a prob! Thanks for adding me and of course I dont mind!! :-)

  24. Just thought I'd leave ya a comment to say Hi! oh and thanks for adding me as a friend!! ttyl xx

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