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  1. That Ranya dreaming, right?? (Or Jack having a nightmare ) Aww Mattie and Luc
  2. Thanks for the update, better to have a short update than none at all! No that cannot be good!!!!! Please dont let her do anything to Martha!
  3. The last 3 chapters were so sad! Really well written! Poor Martha, hope she doesnt die! I dont like the sneak preview, please let Jack stay with Martha 'cause she is much better than Ranya and he loves Martha not Ranya!!! More please!
  4. Fairy tale of new York - The Pogues
  5. Good chapter! Poor Martha, really hope she is willing to get better!! Yay for Jack standing up to Ranya and giving her something to think about!! A visiter? Hmm who could it be??! More soon please!
  6. mrs baker!! Eating cookies and drinking tea!
  7. Two sad chapters! But both very well written! Glad Jack made it in time, just hope Martha recovers! Ohh I hate Ranya and the other people who are making Martha(/Jacks) life hell! More soon please!
  8. its not out here yet!! I think! Cant wait to see it, mini-shreks
  9. Aww Jack and Martha spending the night with each other The paparazzi are getting really annoying, and Ranya she is getting on my nerves! Cant she see that Jack and Martha are ment to be together??! Hope Martha stays 'cause Tasha will need her, oh and Jack can help her through. More please!!
  10. 16 days til Christmas!! You still havnt got your tree up?! Hope you do eventually get your work done!
  11. Short and sweet! Loved the last part Ranya not liking her at all More soon please!
  12. I put mine up too and since Ive been in such a Christmas-y mood and have been listening to Christmas songs!! How is everyone?
  13. Aww cute chapter!! Jack and Martha Not liking the preview either! Please let JnM be together!!
  14. I knew Jack would turned up!! Glad the four of them are together in the apartment!! Jack getting Ranya back! Good update!
  15. Im good thanks! Felling really Christmasy 'cause I just put up the tree! Yay! How are you?! Oh and Rosey thats cool your meeting Delta again! Would love to meet her someday!
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