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  1. happy belated bday =] hope ya had a good day! x

  2. Hey, just thouhgt Id leave a comment as you had none!! So hi!! Oh and Ive added you to my friends list x

  3. lol i do hav msn, i added u! its i_xx_westlife@hotmail.com btw!! just so you dnt tink its sum randomer...x

  4. Hiii! oh wow 3mnths! nope dont hav either unfortunatly! :-( sorry hun... x

  5. Hey PINK, how are you?? Please update your fic soon! We cant wait to see whats going to happen! Pretty please....x

  6. Hey, Happy Birthday!Have a gr8 day! Love your sig, liverpool are the best! lol x

  7. Hey!

    Happy Birthday! Hope ya hav a gr8 day!! xx

  8. Hey!!

    Im good thanks, Loaded with home-work tho :-( not good! lol how u??

  9. I member me n my friend used2 make sure we watched the episodes 2gether!!!

    Love Peter jus not as much as Jack/Ric!!

    I first started watchin it the day Noah and Hayley got married!! Seen almost every ep. since then!!

  10. Yep i know!! I loved the whole stalker storyline with Zoe!! But withKelli it gor dragged out waaay 2much! and she hurt peter so thats the main reason y i dnt lik her!! lol

  11. Im not too bad!

    I take it ur a big Zoe/Kelli fan!!! Hav 2say I dnt lik Kelli at all!

  12. Hey, thanks for adding me to your friends!! So...How are you??

  13. Just thought I'd leave ya a comment to say Hi! oh and thanks for adding me as a friend!! ttyl xx

  14. Hey, havnt been talking to you in ages! How you been? xx

  15. Hey, havnt been talking to u in ages!! So how you keepin?? xx

  16. Its ok...not a prob! Thanks for adding me and of course I dont mind!! :-)

  17. Hi, i just saw ur sig and the reason u have "junior member" under your name is because your not that long after joining!! Hope Im right!! lol

  18. lol..my mum wouldnt agree with me either!! oh well nothin we can do bout it then!

  19. Rain..it was sunny here for al of two mins!! Im gdgd, and u?? I think u sud stay home from skel for fear u get a cold like the rest of them!! i would!! lol

  20. wel arent u lucky its raining here and it doesnt look like its going to stop anytime soon!!! :-(

  21. Oh ok..i wasa wondering what it was!!!! well you can get a provisional when ur 17..but u can only drive with a person over 25 during the day..not after 9 pm or somthing like that!!! Im not too sure! Most people wait til theier 18 cuz of the waiting lists for the theory and stuff!!!

  22. btw..i have no idea what that>> "!" is doing on that comment!! sorry!

  23. erm..im not too sure what it is!!!lol..omg..thats so cool..good luck/congrats!! i wish i was able to drive...have to wait another year! :-(

  24. oh i h8 weather!!...well here its kinda sunny(for like a min!) but then it gets all cloudy and starts rainin...so its not gd!!!...Great summer weather were getting!

  25. Ya i noticed that!! oj..Oh well doesnt bother me!!

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