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    Home & Away and Supernatural! <3

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    La la land
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    Hopelessly addicted to: HAA, Supernatural, DH, Rocco/Ian, Jensen Ackles, PB, ER, hot chocolate, taking photos, music, friends, movies etc etc... lol<br /><br />Lurve making random new friends - give free hugs!! <3 hehe

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  1. Hehe its k!! I was wondering why i was readin my own msg again!! lol Well Im 16 and parents are teling me to get a job but I dnt wanna get 1...not all my friends hav jobs but a few of them do and they wish they didnt so I think Ill leave it for next year!! hehe...I was ina solicitors office and was filing and doing stuuf like that it was really interesting!!

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