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  1. oh my word i completely forgot about thisplace!! =O Howz things been for ya? Gd I hope lol. Aye Ireland is still the same, more rain & wind lol. But I could be moving to england jst over a mnth and im scared aaagh!! lol. So wats new with u? I'm off to read this sequel then, always loved ur fics xP


  2. aws well have u msn? Mite be able to keep up with wats goin on with each other more often lol! If u do, im lowi_rulz@hotmail.co.uk (haha yeh i was young wen i made it!) so feel free to add me xD hehe xx

  3. oh my word its been like 3 mnths since ive last looked here!! Cant believe its been tht long lol. How have ya been keeping? Have ya got bebo or myspace? Im on there more often so mite actually see ya more often lol

  4. LOL well, wen I said summer, it was jst rain pretty much all the time bt still lol. How long have u been back at skool for? I only started on Tues but 2day was my first day of classes (& only til 11am!) cuz we went to the zoo yesterday! hehe

  5. oh my, been aaages since I've been online again! Howz things with u? I quit my job hehe but I only have a wk of summer hols left! >.<

  6. hey, long time no speak, again lol. Work is still keeping me busy. How gay lol. Howz u?

  7. oh my, it has been waaay too long since i been on here! Lofe is a little hectic atm, what with the weather, not seein friends much, work etc etc lol. Howz life for u? Been anything exciting going on?

    wbs xx

  8. LOL why thank you! Yeh Supernatural is so addictive - "scary just got sexy" - so true! lol, im like obsessed with it & the guys are yum! *laughs*

  9. actually it didnt take as long as i thought lol =] The job is pretty gd, easy enuff hrs & its an easy enuff job but jst majorily boring mosta the time lol. At least the ppl are friendly and we have a laugh hehe. U got a job atm?

  10. lol pretty much everything is wrong atm but i'll live =] i'm jst readin all the latest updates on my subscribed fics lol so far behind in em now lol!

  11. heya - random comment here lol =] jst randomly noticed ur bday is a day after mine lol. Anyhoo, i'll lleave ya in peace now lol

  12. heya! oh my, i havent been on here in a while =[ howz u? I been better tbh lol. Have I missed anythin excitin at bttb?

  13. llo yes unfortunately but my instructor made me do some clutch control stuff wen he was teachin me to reverse n guff lol. I aint been out at lights and stuff yet, only had 2 lessons so still kinda learnin the basics lol. Im in tech & im bored lol, i think i shall waste my time on here =D

  14. ooh so ya wanna be a solictor then or like a lawyer or sumthin? The law confuzzles me lol. Dont worry bout it bein so long this 1 prob will be too haha. I didnt rlly want a job but had to have 1 to get money & experience etc etc how fun ¬.¬ lol im in tech atm & im so bored lol help!!

  15. sorry forgot i copied part of ur msg back so i wldnt forget wat u'd said haha

  16. It was gr8 waz in an office with two of my aunts and the ppl were so nice!

    Aah nice one, wat were ya doin for it? Thanx hehe, its kinda embarrasin wen ur 17 n its ur 1st job lol and everyone else has heaps of experience *blushes* lol

  17. waah i'd hate to wait til i was 18 or 21 to drive! Driving is goin pretty gd thnx, jst have to sort out my stalling problem lol

  18. oooh luvky u, how'd it go? =P I jst finished my 1st day at work haha, im no longer a lazy waster =[ lol

  19. woooow 15 is so young & ickle!! We have to be 17 over here and they're tlkin bout makin it 18 lol

  20. hey hey aint spokes to ya in ages! *prods her with a sausage* hehe life be alrite atm, things startin to look up for me yay lol, howz about you? =]

  21. okies danke...wat age are u's allowed to drive from??

  22. i have nooo idea lol, all i know is tht i dont like driving my mums car haha...which is easier to drive?

  23. Thnx teehee and i have no idea lol! Induction is on fri so i guess i'll know then. If i'm still alive after my driving lesson lol

  24. noo dont let the schoolwork kill u! Were wld we all be without jane?! =P

    I gots the job weehee, and now im slightly nervous haha

  25. evil la la land consists of evil cw still (but only til 24 may wooh!) & I find out bout whether i get a job 2day or not so im kinda nervous lol. And im hungry. Thats always bad haha. Schoolwork sounds like a lot of fun, im totally jealous lol =P

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