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  1. Your welcome, I can't find your fan fics :( they were great to read when my internet wasn't playing up :/. How are you?

  2. Hey, Its me, Im finally on here. XD

  3. Hey there, just made a sequel for a third chance lol. I havent talked to you in ages and ages. How is Ireland, hope you have been behaving lol

  4. Sorry I haven't replied in ages, i haven't had internet access much :/ but now I do.

    Anyway, how are you? I haven't talked to you in ages.

  5. Hey

    Just wanting you to know Im reading your fic, except for the evil internet being evil

  6. Its summer over there :o shocking lol, im good thanks, I've been outrageously busy with school :(

  7. Lol, Im good, I been offline for a few days and come back all is different lol, big shock, so I take it work is fun filled? lol

  8. Is it time to revolt? lol. Evil Xtra put me back to dail up speeds for my internet but I don't see a difference :o lol

  9. I don't hectic, it usually goes with work and I don't like work either. Im okay, the weather is too cold here

  10. sounds like a great plan, but mum woudln't agree :/

  11. Well it rain today.. lol so how are you? Im one of the few in my class without a cold, hope your so lucky :)

  12. hey, haven't spoken in ages. How are you?

  13. I see, it was amazing, it was sunny today lol

  14. Yeah the #33! suff turns up randomly sometimes, its nothing to you if you're worried :/. So the driving age is 17 in Ireland?

  15. What is sun, lol. One good thing, tommorrow I go for my restrictive lincense whichs means I can drive myself :)

  16. lol, its cold and horrible here (Im talking about the weather :)) hows Ireland

  17. I havent seen you in ages, Im about to sending your an email so watch out, only not now cos Im to lazy and sleepy, so tommorrow morning....

    anyway where are you?

  18. Im hogging your message board... :P

  19. Thats good :) I've notice some people here do reply to whatever these are on their own thread :o lol

  20. yeah I had fun, lol, so warm compared to NZ, how was Portugal? :)

  21. Hey, I've just got back from Oz, what up in your life

  22. You update, yay. Im off to read as soon as my internet allows me to :).

  23. hi, I was just having a poke around your profile without premission :P cya around.

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