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  1. There beautiful my fave is sally&flinn ones. jane
  2. Wow there amazing the maddi sig is just stunning well done. jane
  3. Love the aden ones and the sally and cassi one.jane
  4. There all fantastic my faves are the maddi ones. jane
  5. There all beautiful. poor max jane
  6. Wow you have been busy Love all you adell ones and the ric & maddi ones. jane
  7. Love all your new work all the maddi ones are my faves. jane
  8. Love the coloring on the jodi avs my favs are 3 7 & 9. jane
  9. Love all the jodi and jack ones. jane
  10. love all the hollyokes one s there fab. jane
  11. I agree there amazing I love I am making a music video with artwork from bttb I would love to use yours you will be credited it would look fab. jane
  12. Love the avatars I wish I could do them and the sigs are amazing looking forword to more. jane
  13. Ilove your last lot the sally one is my fave I wish I could do avatars like yours. jane
  14. I love the friends set great cropping and color. jane
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