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    Spending time with my family and friends - they're wonderful and I love them to death. <br /><br />Home and Away - it's my favourite TV show of all time. I absolutely love it. It's also the reason I found Back to the Bay, so it'll always hold special memories for me. <br /><br />Australia - the people, the culture, the diversity, the incredible places, that wonderful spread known as vegemite....I love it all! I can talk about the country all day, which is probably why you shouldn't get me started on it! It's an amazing place that I hope to live in in the future. <br /><br />Animals - I've always had a big passion for them. If it's to do with animals, I'm interested! <br /><br />Writing, reading, music, singing, sport, TV/Films, photography - these are all big hobbies of mine and I'm not going to write a paragraph on each of them because I may very well run over the page!

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  1. haha yeah there is MAJOR sporting rivalry! and the list goes on. :D

    lol that's really cool! it's pretty awesome meeting someone on here around my age. :) how's school treating ya?

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