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  1. Hi, I'm Lauren. Congratulations on winning the script comp! Your entry was excellent. Well done! :)

  2. Yeah, going by your date of birth you're just over a month older than me. Oh well, I don't mind! lol I'm actually taught at home and I love it! I have been to school but I'm being educated at home now. I get on really well with it. It's obviously quite different to being in a school environment but it works for me :). How are you getting on?

  3. I've heard of the sporting rivalry betwen Aus and NZ...hopefully that's all it is! Yeah, I'm in Year 10 - same age as you :D x

  4. Hi Mira! Thanks for leaving me a comment :D. Great to meet someone who also loves Australia! Feel free to call me Lauren x

  5. I love being green! Thank you for all of your nice words about helping me - I think I'm gonna need it!

  6. Kat - it's Saturday, which means one thing...X FACTOR, PEOPLE!!!!! Can you believe it's the final?! I'm getting some goodies in for sure. What flavour popcorn do you like again?...

  7. Hiya! Thank for leaving a comment! Been busy with loads of stuff and now I'm seeing what you crazy staff people have been getting up to. How 'bout yourself?

  8. Hey, Jane! Thanks for leaving me a comment! I hope you're well and I look foward to seeing you around the forum - cya!

  9. Hey, Kat! Fancy another X Factor party?! Make sure you bring out the Rhydian wigs! Oh wait... that was last year's show. Oh noooo! But that doesn't matter...bring out the Rhydian wigs anyway!!! Speak to ya soon!

  10. Hi, Mez! Just wanted to pop by and say hi to you. As ever, you're doing a fab job at 'modding' (lol) the place, so well done and thank you. Yeah, so take care and I'll speak to you soon! Lauren

  11. Thankies for your comment, Kat! Noodles is a little bundle of cuteness, yes, but he's got sharp claws! Hehe. Anyway, hello...and goodbye! Speak to you around!

  12. You added a comment for me, and I wanted to add a comment for you...so here it is! Have a great day/night and take care. Speak to you soon!

  13. He's my cat...Noodles!!! I'll tell him you think he's adorable. LOL.

  14. Don't worry, Tanya! lol

  15. Hiya, Cal! Like I said in your artwork thread...I'm loving your comic strip. It really is fantabulous. Have a great evening! Lauren xxx

  16. ^ You're welcome! Don't forget, for anyone who watches the X Factor, join us in the 'X Factor' thread in 'General Chat', on Saturday, after the show...we're having a big, big bash!!! Everyone's welcome, but one thing is required...a Rhydian wig!

  17. ^ Lol, the internet can be sooo annoying! I will get around to updating 'She Must Tell'...I don't know when, but I will eventually! I added some more stuff to my profile to make it 1 % more interestiing, lol!

  18. Hiya Kat! Thanks for adding a comment, even if you didn't say much in it...it's bthe thought that counts LOL. Hello everyone who visits my very uninteresting profile! xxx

  19. Lol, call me whatever you like Cal! I laughed my head off the other day when Sky thought that 'Coco' was my real name!! Thanks for all of the comments guys and gals! xxx

  20. Hiya Kateleth! I still love that name LOL. I'm great thank you! I'm getting a guitar soon, i'm soooo happy!! How about yourself?? xxx

  21. Thanks again for your help in the staff room over that profile...how annoying was that?! LOL Anyway, thanks again, your a fab mod and a fine av-maker too...

  22. Ah that sucks! I think someone said they were going to upload all of the episodes so maybe you can watch them to get over the pain LOL. Anywaz i'm off now to watch em! Bye all! xxx

  23. Is the X Factor not repeated in Ireland then??

  24. Could it be X Factor night??!!! I'm going to watch the repeat tommorow though because of the H&A Five Life specials so i'll be expecting a full run down in the discussion thread on what happened! LOL

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