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    I don't think I've ever been this angry about Home and Away killing off a character.Certainly not since Chloe.I thought Oscar couldn't be more mistreated than he was last year, when the potential of him and Maddy as a couple was completely wasted, with them getting no real storylines while they were together and him being made to look like a bad boyfriend to justify Maddy hooking up with Matt, but no, it got worse.Three months of being treated as part of the scenery and then, much like Denny, he gets a death which isn't about him at all, it's just a cheap publicity stunt: "Tune in and see which of your favourites snuffs it!" I've got used to investing in relationships only for the show to make out they weren't important, but I think this is the first time I've invested in a character, followed him for two and a half years, seen him develop from an awkward abused teenager into a basically sweet and sensitive guy only for it to be rendered completely meaningless by an exit which seemed designed to stick two fingers up at anyone who cared about Oscar. I should be saddened at the life of a decent young man cut tragically shot but instead I'm angry at the show for choosing to end the character's journey in the most inappropriate way possible.Oscar the character and Jake the actor deserved much, much better.
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    I just find the whole thing massively disappointing.VJ was a character too ingrained in the show to have his age messed about with but what we're left with is some very awkward halfway house.In Jett and VJ, we had two teenagers who actually looked like teenagers, rather than the usual 15-year-olds-played-by-23-year-olds, and if they were going to recast VJ, they should have carried through with that and kept a realistic-looking teen group, as they've done with the supporting characters in that age group.But no, someone thought it would be a good idea to try and turn him into the show's new pin-up. I think that, certainly in the early days, maybe even now, there was an attempt to write VJ the same.But imagining Felix Dean in those scenes just underlines the differences.If you change the face, the body, the voice and the mannerisms, then that's everything, however it may look on paper.You could imagine the old VJ going into a sulk about Leah's new relationship, but when he's suddenly towering over Leah he comes across as a lot more aggressive.Same with him punching a bully, it's a very different scene when you've got an actor playing VJ who could clearly do some damage if he wanted.In fact, I sat through the whole Tyson storyline not having a clue what the dynamic was supposed to be;Tyson looks way older than Felix Dean but with Matt Little they look about the same age, so is it meant to be an older boy picking on a younger one or not?To be fair, the scenes with Jett almost work, you can believe that they're about the same age when they bounce off each other.The problem really kicks in when he has scenes with the likes of Sasha and Matt, and this character who was like a younger brother figure to them a few months ago is suddenly acting like he's their age.The new VJ just doesn't have the right mindset or physicality to act younger than the people he should be younger than. In one of those random thought trails, I found myself earlier today recalling how VJ and Lily were born on the same day and how nearly ten years later they were able to bring her back and play with that connection.And then I thought "Well...what if she came back now?Either they'd recast her as a 25-year-old bombshell or they'd have Matt Little playing romantic scenes against a girl nearly a decade younger than him and trying not to look creepy."I'm not saying it was likely either way (and even the existing SORAS required us to quietly ignore the fact that Will and Gypsy weren't old enough to be her parents) but it's another example of how changing VJ like this has messed about with the show's infrastructure.
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    Not really worth a thread, so thought I'd post this in here: There's also two new locations on the site this week which are being discussed in the Location thread: Summer Bay High School (1988-96, 2000, 2008-09) Northern Districts Hospital (1994-2010)
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    Happy birthday BTTB! There's an even scarier anniversary for me this year... April 11th will be TWENTY years since I published the first issue of Summer Bay News online (the forerunner of H&A Source which merged with Chris' site to become BTTB). That certainly makes me feel old. I have fond memories of 13 years ago. When I hear songs from the time they always remind me of being at my job in the US, being interrupted by messages from Chris for most of the day after he got home from school, always with some new idea for the site. It's really good to be back as a contributor again after a long absence and to see how much hard work goes on behind the scenes collating facts, figures and trivia that will one day make its way onto the site. It's an incredible resource and now that the show's in its 30th season I realize how important this is. 13 years ago I, and others too, probably felt like we knew the show inside out, but now there's 30 years of history it would be completely impossible for anyone to put it all together without the joint effort we have here. It's an unwieldy beast! Well done everyone.
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    It’s better than nothing and nice that us international viewers may get a new closing theme. Whatever happened, they couldn’t use “Home and Away, with you each day” as it’d have to be ‘Home and Away, with you each day, except Friday and any day we can’t be bothered to show it’ in Australia now.
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    Forgot to mention another piece of useless trivia, the week of Shane's death was quite unique in that all five episodes were both written and directed by the same person - Sean Nash (yup that's where Travis' surname came from). Whilst a director always covers the whole week, back in those days writers would usually only do two, occasionally three eps max (it's most often a different writer for every ep nowadays). So to have someone write all five eps, and then direct them, is something that's certainly never happened before now in the EY eps, and I doubt it's happened again since. Oh and he won an AWGIE award for Shane's death episode, which also won an AFI award for Best Episode in a TV Serial Drama, and also wrote the Donna/Andrew ep in 1995 (which may explain the Archie Roach montages in both eps )
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    If they brought the theme back though they'd have to change the lyrics... You know we belong together, You and I forever and ever Forever means the night Until the morning light And from the very first moment I saw you I never felt such emotion I'm walking in shame Just because (just because), I don't know your name. Hold me in your arms, don't let me go, Oh look my wife is calling A new bed each day, Home and Away
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    I think one of the main problems with the recast was that everything happened too fast. I was completely ready to accept Matt Little as VJ, because recasts and SORASing happens, that's how soaps work. But it hasn't worked. He doesn't feel like VJ at all. What they should've done is reintroduced Matt Little as VJ, but given him small storylines where he was more of a supporting character, and showed us that he's still the same sweet VJ we knew and loved. Then, over time, they could make him grow up more. If they wanted him to be angry and lash out, that's fine, people change, but they should've showed us that character progress. He can't be kind and naive Felix Dean one day and big, muscly and angry Matt Little the next. They can't recast a character and change their personalities at the same time, that's where it goes wrong.
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    Constable Risotto Mk II I'd like to think her name is Angela. Certainly not the first time they're reused the name badges - we had a Constable P Corelli pop up in recent years too
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    No-one knows what happens behind closed doors? Maybe Sophie and her ex grew apart? Maybe they broke up and parted on good terms or perhaps something else happened, either way it's none of our business. When they were together she did put a lot of pictures of them together on SM, but I noticed she stopped doing so a while back... James Stewart and Sarah Roberts started dating each other at the start and they obviously fell for each other on set and hanging out off it too. Either way i'm happy for Sophie/Patrick they make a lovely and good looking couple and the chemistry between them is HOT!
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    It's worth a full read of the original story that the tabloids are using selective snippets of to provide their clickbait: https://tvblackbox.com.au/page/2019/1/15/seven-home-away The claims made there talk about the options that Seven are allegedly considering in regards to channel/timeslots. Nowhere does it mention that they are considering axing it altogether.
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    Merged the Sydney thread into this one as they're pretty much covering the same topics I did find that one a couple of years back - whilst I'm informed that photographs have been taken, I don't yet have them in order to put it up on the site. In that case, today's update will hopefully be of some significant interest! These have been a long time coming, what with wanting to ensure accuracy with the info and provide decent screencaps for comparison, but two major locations have now been added to the site: Summer Bay High School (1988-96, 2000, 2008-09) Northern Districts Hospital (1994-2010) Whilst I don't usually upload two in one go, you'll soon see why I decided to add both at the same time... The photographs of the various buildings around the complex are placed alongside the relevant screencaps, so be sure to go through the gallery in its entirety if you want to see all the familiar spots. Thanks to QA as ever, who I think has taken no less than three trips to the filming location over the years as more of its buildings came to light We do have some of the other school and hospital locations, which will come in future updates.
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    Since the busy period with the Most Popular Character poll died down, over past few weeks we've uploaded several weeks worth of extended summaries for 1989 - which now brings the year to completion. A big thanks to RR1 and Jeremai who have helped fill in the gaps! Since I last posted in here, we've also had new character profiles for Charlotte King, Tank Snelgrove, Jackson Dunn and Dallas Phillips (with thanks to RR1 and Matt). And we've also two new locations, Dylan's Baptism which was added a few weeks ago, and today the location of the Nash/Fraser Apartment. Thanks to QA for heading out to take pics on one of her many location road trips for us. Behind the scenes we've actually been pretty manic this past few weeks, continuing work on a new section which we'll talk about soon, and also a rather exciting feature that we shall be publishing on Monday Be sure to keep checking www.backtothebay.net to keep abreast of all the latest news and updates!
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    We appear to have made it to our teenage years... BTTB turns 13 years old today!
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    Nice pic of Norman posted on Instagram today:
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    They do seem to be trying to take Andy down the same path as Heath…and it’s not going to work. Because they’ve forgotten what worked with Heath, or perhaps never knew. For me, Heath’s relationship with Bianca was almost the least important part of his redemption, it wasn’t what made him a good person, it was what he could be once he became a good person. The change came when he learned he was a father and was determined to be a good person for his daughter, and with the catch-22 that once people started treating him like a human being, after even his brothers initially didn’t think him worth much, he became one. And they so nearly got it right with Andy. He did a lot of bad stuff when he first came in and continued to do so. But again, he began to change when people began to treat him as though he’d changed: Brax and Casey gave him chance after chance, more than he deserved, and it meant a lot to him, that they thought he was worth more than he himself thought. And then Casey died and it affected him and he was determined to be a better person, to make up for his part in it. And how did he do that? He murdered Jake. Ruthlessly, cold-bloodedly, without remorse. And damned himself forever. I know some people can excuse that but I can’t. It wasn’t noble, it wasn’t necessary, it wasn’t finishing him off when he was as good as dead already. It made sure that Andy was past saving. If it was a genuine act of sacrifice, if Andy had turned himself in instead of Kyle protecting him, if he’d actually saved Brax at the cost of his freedom and maybe his soul, then maybe there’d be redemption of a sort there. But it didn’t. It didn’t save Brax and it didn’t harm Andy, he just got on with his life as if it never happened. And where are we now? Brax is in jail and Andy isn’t, even though Andy’s the one who’s a murderer. And that just points to the true inequality of justice on the show: Brax gets charged with Dean’s murder because the police make the evidence fit, but there’s no homocide investigation into Jake’s murder, just a bunch of local uniform who give up. Josh becomes an accessory to murder by telling a blatant lie that could have been broken by mininal cross examination and Emerson just accepts it. Yet a few months earlier, Oscar tries to make a statement clearing Zac of the hit and run and is telling the truth and Emerson basically tells him to go away. He wants to put Zac away more than Andy? So what have we now? The resurrection of Andy’s shallow and twisted romance with Hannah, because if he’s got a girlfriend that must make him a nice guy. Desperate attempts to portray him as a caring big brother who looks out for Josh, after months of him trying to keep Josh in the gutter and keep him away from Maddy, Summer Bay, school and anything else that would have given him a better life. Andy pressuring Nate into letting Hannah go home when she’s not ready, moving himself in with her family and making her utterly dependent on him, to the point that Denny has to put aside all the harm Andy has done to her family (cutting Zac off by letting him be blamed for his drugs, getting Evelyn kidnapped by his enemies) and beg him to help them. He’s not a nice person, however much people might try and convince themselves he is, however much he might want to be. And ultimately, he has to pay for his crimes or the show really has lost its way.
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    If the writers in the last year had remembered that Bobby was meant to wear glasses maybe she would have seen that log
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    Though you're leaving out the fact that he's the only one to have played him for nearly 7 out of the 13 years VJ's been on the show, not to mention that all those before him (with perhaps the exception of Cooper Scott briefly) were non-speaking babies/toddlers with no particular prominence. It's not so much the fact that he's been recast that people aren't happy about, we all know it happens all the time, but more the suitability of the replacement and the rather transparent reason for casting him. Around 95% of the comments I've read both on here and various other places on the net all say the same thing, he simply looks too old (and yes, even when you do take the silly SORAS into account).
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    Well, it’s hard to believe but as of today, 14th January 2014, ‘Back to the Bay’ is 10 years old! There’s an article on the main site detailing some of the history of the site, as well as some pics of days gone by, but I thought I’d give a personal perspective in this thread. Whilst it’s a bit of an old cringeworthy cliché to say it’s been a “life changing experience”, my own involvement with the site has certainly had a huge effect on mine. In 2003 I came across Jeremai’s ‘Home and Away Source’ website, it stood out as one of only a couple of sites that actually provided original content rather than copying and pasting stuff from the official site (the latter of which is a practice that still continues to this day sadly!). As I’d spent a week in Los Angeles with a few H&A cast members a year earlier, I contacted him to see if he’d be interested in some pics and a report of the trip. Jeremai’s H&A site merged with Chris’ existing Aussiesoap site & forum in September 2003. The forum later turned into EverySoap, which as the name suggested had a subforum for soaps from the UK, Oz and also the US. The main BacktotheBay site was created on 14th January 2004 alongside a long-gone Neighbours site. The Everysoap forum continued until September 2004 when that was finally rebranded as BTTB, with all accounts and H&A related forums moved over. Whilst it’s quite a struggle remembering the forum that far back, I do remember a rather bizarre Games Arcade built into the board software which got rather competitive. I’d only got around to re-registering to the Everysoap forum on 12th January 2004, and I slowly got involved in helping out with features for BTTB, alongside Ryan. In June 2004, a day I remember due to it being the day of my college graduation ball, we were both asked to join the staff - Ryan as a Contributor and myself as a Moderator. Only a couple of months later I made my first month long trip to Palm Beach, and from that came our very first location photographs, alongside a small behind-the-scenes feature and video. 2005 brought about another interesting year with having the pleasure of conducting two phone interviews with former cast members - one of whom kindly invited me along to the H&A cast party in London’s Leicester Square, and who remains a mate to this very day. At Christmas 2005 after a couple of ‘guest stints’ whilst Chris was away, I was made an Admin permanently. In 2007 I headed back to Palm Beach for a longer stay and spent 6 weeks stalking a very welcoming H&A crew, and travelling around NSW taking hundreds of location photos (a task now undertaken by QA until my return!). Whilst some other planned activities never came to fruition due to internal politics at Seven, I did have the pleasure of meeting with Bevan Lee and discussing some of the outstanding storylines that were going to feature in H&A’s 20th year, as well as receiving genuine gratitude for all the support that both BTTB and its members had provided the show with. The previous year we had also run a story on behalf of North Palm Beach Surf Lifesaving Club advertising their upcoming open day, after which they were able to increase their number of members by over 70%. As a result, on my arrival in Palm Beach I was graciously given a bag full of merchandise and an honorary membership to the club. The Surf Club were also kind enough to donate more goodies for our Scriptwriting Competitions in the years following. The competitions were head-judged by former H&A Script Producer Coral Drouyn, who had herself been an active member of the forum in previous years. In its final year, the competition was held in honour of one of our forum moderators Frankie (also chief whip of the previous competitions), who had passed away six months earlier. The past few years we've concentrated on trying to build up BTTB as a one stop reference site for the show, something which I hope will continue long into the future. I know updates have been a bit far and few between in recent months, but I've had plans for some major revamps for some time now - I'm just lacking the technical ability so have to wait until Chris is available to help. I know I’m not the only one for who the forum has had a big effect - whilst I won’t name names I know there’s been friendships formed; fledgling writers at the start of their careers testing the water in the Fanfiction forum & scriptwriting competitions; discussions on the forum that have later manifested themselves into the show; and even a bit of real life romance between members! Sadly we did lose the first year of posts after a forum crash in early 2005 and a few other glitches, with some gems such as the first ‘BTTB Big Brother’ and an infamous discussion about cabbages being forever lost. Our last statistical milestone came in July 2012 when we reached both 900,000 posts and 19,000 members on the same day. So once again, a big thanks to all the staff who have contributed to BTTB over the past decade (which are listed on the main site but also copied in below), and most of all to all the members who have helped create such a thriving H&A community! Thousands have come and gone, but there are still a small amount of people who have been with us since the first years of BTTB’s existence – so an extra thanks to you ‘Golden Oldies’ (remember that back in the day?) for sticking around! Administrators Chris Jenkins, Dan Foster Forum Moderators Dean, -Karen-, Nick (Foxy), Jen, John (john003au) and Meredith (Mez83) Contributors Barbara, Red Ranger 1 and Ryan Librarian Quiet Achiever Former BTTB staff members: Anaya, Andy, Bttb-rox!, Cal, Cat, Cerise, Claire, Edward Skylover, Eli, Emmasi, Frankie, Jackieleanne, JameyMaria, Jeremai, JosieTash, -Kirst-, Lisa P, Liz, MarMar, Melmarshall858, Nicom, NuttyNeighbour, Scandal-01, Si-Co, Skykat, Theresa and Valli. Please feel free to share with us any of your own memories from over the years, whether you're a long term member or a relatively new one!
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    The ninth season of the show debuts on 7TWO on Monday. You can see a quick rundown of some of the year's key storylines/arrivals/departures in this short preview article on the site (includes obvious spoilers).
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    Long time lurker but didn't see this posted anywhere... In a very unexpected move, the entire 1988 season has been uploaded to Amazon Prime today. I don't know if that paves the way for future seasons but it would definitely seem promising. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07YBNTL7N/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=home+and+away&qid=1569439134&s=instant-video&sr=1-1
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    RIP Mason, whose death aired in the UK this month. Given that this thread hasn't been used in nearly a year, and there's a post on the last page from over three years ago, I guess he's not someone anyone thought much about. It seemed to take a while for people to warm to him, and perhaps some never did. He wasn't a saint by any means, he could be a bit of a player, he made wrong choices and bad calls right up to the end. But in my opinion, he was one of the few genuinely decent young men on a show that badly needs them.So of course, he got hardly any storylines, and then got casually killed off as part of the latest big stunt. I will give the show credit for at least trying to give Mason a brave and noble death.The problem is, they muffed it somewhat.(It didn't help that the hospital siege made absolutely no sense: If they were only interested in Robbo and Jasmine, why not just have Scott drive Robbo to a quiet spot and Jay drive Jasmine to another quiet spot when they had them alone that morning, instead of invading Jasmine's place of work and taking a bunch of random people hostage for hours?) If they were going to have Mason die helping others escape, then ideally he should have saved Bella, making sure she was taken out so she could get medical treatment. Or, if the show really wanted to drag her plight on into the next season and use it as an excuse to have the popular but distinctly unheroic Colby and Dean make macho speeches about "saving our family", he should have made sure some other patients in critical need of treatment got out. (I don't know if it was a failure of conception or execution, but it was frustrating that the fact they were in an emergency department which should have been full of critically injured and ill people was ignored apart from a few throwaway comments.) Instead, he died so that a few of the hostages got freed a bit earlier than the others did. Points for good intentions but still an epic fail. So despite giving him focus in those last two episodes, this wasn't really about Mason. He wasn't really a part of the whole gang storyline aside from Tori being in the safe house for a bit, he just got shoved into it at the end as some sort of sacrifice to try and make the hospital siege have an impact.I can't help thinking there's a kinder universe out there somewhere where Mason took that internship in WA and left Summer Bay to go out and help people.That's the way he should have gone, not been kept around a bit longer because the show needed a character they weren't bothered about to die in the finale: Shot off screen and then dumped out of view like a piece of rubbish to save paying appearance fees. More than once, Mason noted that people who did the wrong thing seemed to get rewarded, while he tried to do the right thing and continually got kicked in the teeth for it.That's how he lived, and sadly that's how he died.
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    Being anti-feminist is going and then coming back because she needs a man. Alf's episode count this week:None. However, it's finale week so things go typically crazy: Jasmine was in every episode, and Robbo, Colby, Bella, Mackenzie and non-regulars Scott and Grace were in four each. Deep breath. I am quietly furious that they killed off Mason like this. Maybe I'm hyper-sensitive to the issue, but it feels like the show treats every genuinely decent guy like dirt, a feeling that is only increased by the prospect of Colby the murderer and Dean his accomplice being portrayed as heroes (judging by the promo of their action man antics). They did at least try to give Mason a noble and heroic death, rather than just blowing him up without knowing about it, but they didn't try hard enough.The escape attempt was a shambles of bad planning: Bella should have been the first one out, in order to get urgent medical treatment, so someone should have been primed to carry her with them.And what about that woman patient lying on the floor apparently in a bad way? This whole hostage scenario seems badly thought-out both in and out of universe.It's an ED for pity's sake, you'd expect about half a dozen people in need of urgent critical care, not everyone worrying about that one from the main cast. Meanwhile, the gunmen don't even seem to have considered that if you take a bunch of people hostage in a hospital, some of them are going to be sick and dying, continuing to play the "Do as we say and you'll be all right" card while Bella's lying dying in front of them and they're refusing to let anyone help her.They're dangerous idiots, and at the end of the episode, I'm left with the feeling that Mason died because everyone involved behaved in the most idiotic way imaginable...including, sadly, him. Mason dismissed Ari's suggestion of staging a fight but his own plan didn't work out much better.Using Bella as a distraction was the worst idea he could have had, because it meant they couldn't get her out, yet he just started doing it without any consultation, forcing everyone else to improvise around him.The result was, instead of getting critically ill patients to safety, Ari and a handful of apparent staff members escaped.That's good for them, they're out of the line of fire and going home safely.But it seems far too small a "win" to be worth Mason dying for.The gunmen clearly don't have a clue, making the rookie error of being surrounded by police and upping the crime from kidnapping to murder, thereby increasing their sentence about tenfold.The police arrive in plenty of time and then just stand around doing nothing while someone gets killed.Harsh perhaps, since more might have died if they'd gone charging in, but despite us being frequently told that every exit is covered, Dean is able to get into the hospital with minimal difficulty, suggesting the gunmen could have got out just as easily.Meanwhile, Robbo is being completely ineffectual by completely failing to get anything out of Victor and Des. I don't know if we're meant to assume Jay's working for Victor from his casually saying he knows they're his men despite saying otherwise earlier.Or if we're meant to assume Robbo's right that Scott's working for them too.(Presumably it's a recent thing if so, given that they shot him and he shot one of them.)But if Victor, Des, Scott, Jay and the gunmen (unnamed in dialogue but the credits given them the uninspiring names Phil and Reg) are all working together...that's a hell of a lack of co-ordination. I don't even want to think about why anyone thought a hostage siege at the hospital was the best way of achieving their aim, but accepting that they did...The gunmen are apparently waiting for a call.It's suggested that Robbo bringing in Victor and Des threw the schedule off.But why would it? If they meant for Robbo to know about the siege, why did Scott keep it from him? If they didn't, why did Victor suddenly drop a huge hint? If he wasn't meant to find out until later, why did Phil and Reg go in so early and then fret that they hadn't heard from anyone? Aargh! It feels so generic that we even end with a carbon copy of the last shot of last season, with an aerial view of a car containing a mix of goodie and baddies driving through the bush with the baddie having the upper hand. Which reminds me of how utterly unheroic Colby and Dean were in that scenario and how frustrating it is that the premiere is seemingly going to focus on them again, while Mason gets treated like disposable cannon fodder.
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    It certainly is a great thing for UK fans of the show, and it's definitely a step in the right direction! Of course it would have been nice to see a terrestrial television repeat so that it's free for all in the UK, but I think we all knew that was going to be pretty unlikely. It is however only a small step so far. As someone has already mentioned to us on Twitter, it's debatable as to whether 200 episodes (which don't even make up the whole season) is a big enough draw for people to start a H&A marathon, or sign up to Prime video if they're not a member already. If Amazon are indeed testing the water before adding more, then it might be something of a Catch 22 situation. I think all we can hope for is that the word is spread, and the episodes perform well enough for Amazon to see it's a worthwhile thing for them. There is a 'Send us Feedback' link at the top of the H&A page which might be useful to let Amazon know that you'd like to see more H&A, and I see a couple of 5 star reviews have already been added so there's that option too. Of course they might already have more in the pipeline, and they're just releasing on a gradual basis as they work through them, but we just don't know at this moment in time. I've spent the last week firing off emails to see if anyone is willing to answer this (which is the reason I'd delayed posting in here), but we haven't had anyone able to as yet. That said, we need to see it as a positive move I think and keep our fingers crossed. It did cross my mind whether they'd thought of looking into it, given the presence of other Aussie dramas like All Saints, Rafters, McLeod's Daughters etc., but it is still quite a surprise as others have said.
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    Oh poor Shannon discovering that your mother is.....................Mumma Rose!!!!
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    Happy 13th Birthday BTTB, of course being a Home and Away fan site that probably means you're now actually 17 and have been recast with Matt Little... Thanks to the team for all your hard work.
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    I've made no secret of the fact that she's one of my favourites, she has been getting on my nerves recently though... Possible UK spoilers(Im not sure where you guys are at.)
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    I feel that it was totally ridiculous... All or nothing... But for what? Some chick that came in for a few scenes then he loves her and goes to jail for her so she can have her family. Like what the! Kyle in my eyes has always been the level headed family Braxton that is the protector. His exit story line has absolutely nothing to do with his own family, even when they begged him to not be so stupid "his answer was I love her" - totally wasn't convincing. I'm quite annoyed at how this has all panned out. It was a really messed up unorganised exit in my opinion. He deserved better.
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    Time to update this thread a bit, though it does seem I've been talking to myself in here for the past year With the 2015 season now over in the UK, our current character profiles are in the process of being updated once again - starting with Jett, John and Marilyn as today's update. A big thanks to RR1 once again for his continued effort with keeping them up to date. There's also been a few new guest character profiles, including one for Darcy Callahan last week (again thanks to RR1). A number of new locations have been added to the site in the past couple of months, thanks to QA going out and getting the pics for us, including Harry's Kidnap, Morag's City Mansion and Meg's Funeral amongst others. (discussion here) We've recently run an exclusive interview with Laura Vazquez that can be read here (discussion here) - and the rest of the Interviews section also got a spruce up. The Births, Marriages and Deaths pages have been updated (discussion for that here) There's also been a large number of news articles, largely thanks to Matt - and for those watching the Early Years repeats on 7TWO, I recently added a preview for the 1995 season with dates of the key episodes. For those following the 'Who Shot Charlotte?' storyline, Matt's also running two articles - one at Australian pace and one at UK pace - to show all the latest developments with the investigation and possible suspects, which he endeavours to update on a weekly basis. There's still lots of tweaks being made to the site here and there, and we know there's a number of areas which are yet to be revamped/updated. It is a long process due to the sheer volume of pages on the site, but Chris is still beavering away when he can. We're getting ready to launch a whole new section of the site very soon, and work has started behind the scenes on a big expansion/makeover of one of the existing sections.
  42. 6 points
    I'll put this here for those who are interested as not many people read the Updates thread... The Locations section revamp is now finally complete, with new better quality images now uploaded for all locations - there's also the odd new image along the way and a large number of 'as seen on screen' images added for those locations which didn't have any. The Summer Bay Surf Club page has also had a long-needed update with new images and a full history added. And to celebrate we've also now got a brand new page for the Hogan's General Store which is very enlightening
  43. 6 points
    Wow........ the writing continues to hit new lows! So Brax is fighting to clear his name and is risking spending 20yrs in prison because he didn't wanna go down for something he didn't do and refuses to go to prison and be away from his family and upcoming new baby - so he gave up the option of taking the 8 years to right. Then all of a sudden they come around and arrest Ash for being an accomplice to the murder, he's not close to being convicted of the crime, he's just being arrested - and now Brax all of a sudden gives up everything and states he murdered Dean. I mean really!? How about continuing your court case to try and prove your innocence? Not sure how Brax saying he did it clears Ash anyway? They were arresting him as the accomplice, not the murderer. If Brax were the murderer then wouldn't that point to Ash having a higher chance of being the accomplice!? lol
  44. 6 points
    Here's a little something from the archive that may be of interest regarding Bobby/Nicolle:
  45. 6 points
    Just to confirm that the Early Years airings are indeed continuing over Christmas as they did last year. Which also means our timeline (spoiler alert) as to when the major events of the season air still stands
  46. 6 points
    It's not about his acting ability.I would have easily accepted him as a new character but he's completely wrong for VJ who most of us have seen grow up.
  47. 6 points
    After a less than promising start in 2012, Kyle has blossomed into one of my favourite characters.Along with Heath, he seems to represent the genuinely nice face of the Braxtons, along with possessing a dry sense of humour which makes him always fun to watch.I was worried that he was too similar to the other Braxtons to really offer the contrast but he's managed to quietly plug away and present us with a character who is intelligent and educated and capable of fitting into the world the other brothers inhabit without necessarily being a part of it, he's equally at home in more well-off surroundings.He even managed to make Tamara bearable for a bit.He's definitely one I'm looking forward to seeing more of next year.
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    (I'm catching up on the show and need somewhere to complain, this seemed like the best place. I used the spoiler tag to make my comment shorter, but there is one small spoiler for UK viewers in there as well as in the text below.) Ash: VJ punched Zac! He is out of control and too violent to take care of Luc! Also Ash: ↓
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    Happy Birthday to you BTTB. It has been an interesting ride. Once again, as I did for the 10th birthday, I'd like to pay tribute to Dan for his work over the years. I often wonder what happened to a few of the former staff who are "no longer with us". Kat who dobbed me in for the Script Writing Competition who I last heard of Skydiving out of Perth in Western Australia, BTTB-Rox who proof read my first feature and Karen who we used to chat with a lot. It's also been great to see new staff members emerging. RR1 and Matt have added new life to the main site. QA, of course, has been around so long that she's almost part of the furniture. However that Fan Fiction section continues under her quiet, competent supervision. We've had our tragedies. I'm sure a few of us remember our disbelief when we heard of Frankie's illness and subsequent death. Her account remains as a tribute to her work and she is also remembered as the guru of staff chat. Despite a few of the doomsayers around the place the show is essentially in a good place. It will always face the challenge of remaining connected to it's much loved roots while continually updating itself to remain relevant and contemporary. Therë will always be people who yearn for the "good old days". Like the current show they weren't always good but at times they always delighted. I have enjoyed the show since the start of the 90's. I enjoy it still. At times it will delight me, at other times it will frustrate and annoy me. But I keep watching. Once again Happy Birthday BTTB.
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    I'm a bit behind but will look out for that! Sorry, couldn't resist expanding on Alex's idea and introducing a subtle change, just to see how things could have been. Technically if they were only using it for static stock shots, someone with way too much time on their hands could easily have done it in post-production (the chairs have been nicked in the past few years by one of the Braxtons)
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