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    Alf's episode count this week: Three. Someone obviously decided this was an important week, as Colby and Dean appear in every episode and Willow, Bella and Nikau all appear in four. Halfway through the episode, as we were treated to the cringe-inducing sight of Bella and Nikau dancing on a clifftop in slow motion, I found myself going "Oh good grief, this isn't supposed to be a romantic moment, is it?" My opinion of the pairing has gone from mild discomfort to utterly detesting them together, yet on this evidence it seems the show seems to think they're some sort of long-term power couple. And Nikau is almost as high as Colby on my hate list at the moment. The first sight of him grinning like a loon was so utterly out of keeping with the situation that even Bella called him out for enjoying it, although sadly that didn't last. She had enough bad influences in her life as it was: She needed an adult, not an irresponsible sleazy man-child. If the show wants us to forget him stealing Tori's car to get away from the police and endangering Grace, then having him steal Tane's money to get away from the police and arguably endanger Bella a few weeks later doesn't really help. He's been throwing tantrums and threatening to run out on his family pretty much as long as we've known him, but from his response to that list of messages, he may be about to realise the reality of actually doing it, as he suddenly notices that he's agreed to run off into the bush and live on nuts and berries for the next seventy years just to keep hold of Bella. Dammit, why did Willow and Ziggy have to stop Dean punching Colby in the face? (Are punches allowed at the moment? It seems every other sort of physical contact is!) No wonder he gets punched as much as he does, he's got one of those faces. Ziggy did annoy me a bit with the way she kept interrupting and storming off when Dean tried to tell her anything (although to be fair to her, him choosing to confide in Willow first probably stung).Amber and Dean's son would have been conceived after Dean got out of jail: I'm not sure if we've been told how long he was in there for? Not sure you need passports to cross state lines in Australia, but Currawong is in New South Wales anyway. (So Ari's "Could they have gone any further?" last episode was a bit odd, and may be a relic from an old script before it got moved nearer because of travel restrictions.) Mackenzie gets one moment of awesome with her "Do I look unsure?" Nice to get some reaction from Marilyn and Roo to Angelo being back, and finally get an answer to the question of whether or not he's with Nicole: Presumably Angelo filled Irene in on one of his trips to the Diner. I'm not too disappointed: I was happy Nicole got a happy ending after a year of near-constant misery (a lot of it down to Marilyn!) but never really saw them as endgame. I am more concerned that apparently no-one in the Bay stayed in touch with her if they had to wait for Angelo to turn up to find out (I hope Miles still has her number at least), but thinking about it, Angelo was worried about retribution from the Braxtons when they left and didn't want anyone to know where they were. I love that they credited a character as "Dale the Camp Manager". It's just begging for someone to read the cast list in TV Week and go "Is that the manager of a camp or a manager who is camp?"
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    Don and Marilyn split because they lost their child, Byron. Marilyn was unable to cope with her grief and with Summer Bay reminding her of the life she had had with him, she ran away. When we saw her again in the London episodes a couple of years later, there was no sign of the happy, bubbly, carefree Marilyn that we all know. She was still very much grieving. Don didn't find her insufferable or unbearable. He never stopped loving her and told her this. He asked her if she had stopped loving him and she said she had because it hurt to love, which sounded like she had given up on ever loving someone again, which is so sad.
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    Marilyn is a total nightmare! Ugh she is so fake, awful and irritating, now she'll have her latest pity party now she and John have split up, word will get around the Bay and John will get the blame from everyone as usual whilst Marilyn laps up the support, she's so transparent. I know John has his flaws, but I so prefer him as a character and he'll be so better away from her. I feel sorry for the next man who gets with her because they'll have to put up with being constantly hounded by her cronies. I did feel for John when he had his fall, but I hope there's light at the end of the tunnel for him and that he moves on. Team Jasmine. She went away to clear her head (apparently that is wrong now too), she's emotionally/mentally all over the place and needs to seek help for her issues if she's to be allowed to see baby Grace again. I want light at the end of the tunnel for her more than anything. I didn't know Sam Frost was a RTV star before becoming an Actress, but she's been so fantastic since joining this show. I can't stand Tori/Justin anyway, but I do get their POV RE baby Grace, although Tori does send mixed messages to Jasmine and it's wrong. I really dislike Jasmine being called crazy... She's NOT crazy, just currently mentally ill and needs to deal with her grief about losing Robbo and their plans for the future being destroyed. Baby Grace is the only part of Robbo she has left, she's not helped herself with her behaviour at times, it's been wrong, but she's just in a mixed up place right now.
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    New interview with Sophie: She mentions wanting to try LA and/or London in the future.
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    When exactly has Amber said that, or is this yet another spoiler? You do realise this is a UK non spoiler thread?
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    I found Bella irritating and frustrating before when she was acting up...but looking back I think I understand it having Colby around so take it back. I 100% believe its his fault for making therapy impossible and expecting her to keep such a massive secret. I can't wait for him to be gone at this point.
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    Rewatching the body discovery ep... I was alarmed to discover Ross was only 2 wks older than me, according to his license!
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    There's Currawong Beach, which is directly opposite Palm Beach on the other side of Pittwater - but the one in the show is a fictional place named Mount Currawong All the Blue Mountain location scenes were actually filmed three months after the rest of the scenes in these episodes, the result being that the Mt Currawong we're seeing is still meant to be in the Northern Territory as per the original plan for the shoot... evidenced by the itinerary Colby printed off, which showed Nik & Bella's route north via Alice Springs, Tennant Creek and Katherine. I think with the circumstances we have to just let them have that one, the tropics were just have a cold snap Behind the scenes info/pics for these episodes for anyone interested - https://www.backtothebay.net/news/2020/08/20/behind-the-scenes-as-home-and-away-heads-to-the-blue-mountains/
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    Oh gosh! There's always a possibility and I have a few vague ideas, although there's also the concern that fitting in the writing of this nearly killed me at times! Maybe one day.
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    Thank you for the comments, Chair, Kristen, CaptainHulk, Summer's Bay, pembie and Sunny Girl! I wasn't sure how many people would be willing to come along on this trip into Home and Away's past so I'm glad you all told me you liked it.
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    Agreed. Especially with Zac and the VJ + Billie relationship. The relationship was short lived but the storyline for it dominated 2016 and after Billies death it still continued till late 2017 but as a custody battle. Zac was a father figure for the Caravan Park for a while though he was on the show for nearly 4.5 half years he was only a father figure for about half that. The Braxton formula has tried to be replicated numerous times since. In a way, the Holdens were almost a prototype of what would eventually become the Braxtons.
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    Floss and Nev weren't inline with Des Monaghan's vision. If one had to go, I'd rather it be Nev, otherwise they were fine A schemer like Martin was never gonna stay in a small town plus he and Lance had done everything they could do and were visibly out of steam by Q4 1989. When some people leave others are left often left lost, example Sharon and Des on Neighbours. They were spare parts in 1990. Sharon minus Bronwyn or Nick kind of floundered. Des seemed a bit lost when he sold the house to the Willises and moved into the Surgery flat.
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    Marilyn must be really enjoying spending time with Grace. A baby all to herself and no time with John. Interestingly, crazy Jasmine's not been so crazy over the last couple of episodes and she has been better spending time with Robbo's parents. I've actually found myself on her side. Irene has been extremely annoying constantly calling Jasmine and even getting annoyed with her in her voicemails. Irene knew Jasmine was safe so if she wasn't getting back to her it was because Jasmine didn't want to talk to her. She should have just left it for a few days and it annoyed me when Irene and Colby went to retrieve her. Tori has also been extremely annoying, again giving mixed signals i.e. the AVO and then wanting to go out of her way to talk to Jasmine. She wants to help Jasmine then fine but Jasmine has an issue with boundaries and how is she supposed to rectify that if Tori has taken out an AVO and still wants to interact with her. I was actually glad Justin had a go at Tori when she blamed him before he changed his stance. I said previously that Jasmine needed to get away and it did seem to do her some good and I really didn't like the way Colby and Irene took her from the Shaw's and delivered her to the Diner, springing Tori and Justin on her. Have to admit, this made me laugh. Justin:"Colby called." Tori:"What? What did he say?" Justin:"Jasmine's agreed to come back to the bay." Tori:"Oh, that's good. It's a good thing" Justin:"Well, that depends on which Jasmine we're getting back"
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    He just became a little mini replica of Donald, always on Shane's back, hanging around that kicthen set like a bad smell. It was like, get a life of your own Nick. You're a 20-something guy. I am not surprised they wrote him out in the end as they had clearly lost all interest in him. Shame as he was a decent enough character at the start.
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    Bella had been missing for six years when Colby first appeared, which was two and a half years ago, meaning she went missing when she was 9/10 and last lived in Mangrove River in late 2011/early 2012.
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    First off Nik didn't 'drag' Bella off to his uncle Tane's. You're making it sound like he threw her over his shoulder, then threw her into the car and took her against her will, she was very willing if I remember. He did look after her and made no moves on her. I don't think he's the same age as Bella or Ryder, but he's certainly not as old as Amber, Dean or Willow. Sure he was more savvy about Jade than Ryder was leading us to think he was older than he seemed, but then not long ago he confessed to Ryder he hadn't much to do with girls which was why he was asking his advice. His home life may not have been the most secure, Gemma was it seemed the moral compass out of them all, dad into robbing banks, his eldest uncle in prison, his youngest uncle disappearing at the drop of a hat at the first sign of trouble. But both Ari and Tane do care for him, isn't that why they are looking for him to bring him home? Nik rebelled against Ari because he was the more strict one and in his eyes trying to replace his dad. Ari didn't want Nik following his dad's path and either ending up in jail or dead. What advice would Mikaere have given Nik if he had been alive, would Nik have listened? Tane, it seems, was also in and out of his life hence the mystery and excitement about him to a young impressionable lad. Tane did seem, when we first saw him was the one appearing to be the bad influence on him, hence Ari warning him off him. We all know how the conversations Colby had with Bella were going, he was causing her to panic more. Nik did try and make Bella stay, but her mind was made up so in his mind going with her made sense, she'd have someone with her. A single, young girl on her own, open to all kinds of dangers. She may have thought with her past experiences she'd be OK It doesn't work that way. I may have seen it wrong, but wasn't it Bella's idea that she was ready for them to sleep together not Nik's, he asked several times if she was sure. It was also him who decided they needed to get help to fix the car when she kept insisting they couldn't ask for help from anyone, ever which had to be Ross' influence there. She would have it drummed into her from an early age not to trust anyone but him. I think Tane and Mac have reached an understanding, she recognised it must be awkward for him being in the same car as her and Ari. Liked the anecdote he told her about him, Ari and Mikaere being stuffed in the back seat of the family car with him stuck in the middle and Ari and Mikaere teasing him. At least Willow telling Colby about Dean having a son got him off the hook for not going to look for Bella and we had the usual make up between the pair. Slightly awkward talk between Ziggy and Amber about Jai, but as Amber made clear she wasn't expecting Dean to rehook up with her, she just wanted him to be part of Jai's life. Of course now he has stared school - I'm going for five - he would have heard other kids talk about their dad and wonder where his is. At least he won't have to wait until he is in his 20's before finding out who he is. I'm guessing as Amber was part of their gang back in the day she would have known Karen and the problems she had. I'm wondering if Dean will mention what the real cause was, as that is the main reason why he didn't want kids with Ziggy in case he had inherited her condition. It is something Amber deserves to know. It's good Ziggy is sticking by Dean, who is still getting his head round the news himself. Jasmine is not cured after one session, she knows she has to carry on and she has now recognised it's not about Grace, it's about her abandonment issues and how in a way Robbo abandoned her when he died which she needs to come to terms with first. Do agree Tori is giving very mixed messages to Jasmine. I thought it was entirely in character for Alf to do a disappearing act when Roo and Marilyn started talking all things spiritual. He is such a down to earth character and just didn't want to be there to stop him himself pouring cold water on it. Now, as it is no spoiler, I can safely 'say' I had to laugh when we see Alf's face when Evan's double appears at the Surf Club and he comes out with the line "Hogan's ghost"! No, definitely not Hogan's ghost.
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    Justin still is the only one thinking logically regarding crazy Jasmine - She's all cured after one session. Of course. Loved his comment about Tori sleeping with one eye open. So according to Jasmine's shrink Robbo's death caused the craziness. Who would have thought. My main issue with this storyline at the moment firstly is with Tori. When she took out the AVO, she should have ceased all contact with Jasmine but by being friendly with her she's been too ambiguous. So it's no surprise Jasmine seems to ignore the fact Tori wanted to keep her away from Grace, especially when Tori is taking photos of them with her phone and saying Jasmine can have access to Grace if things go well. The second issue I have is that (which all the other characters are apparently oblivious to) the only reason Jasmine is getting help is so she can have access to Grace. When it should be about realising how she is and working on self improvement. If she was bared permanently from seeing Grace she wouldn't be doing this (I'm not surprised Marilyn was trying to comfort Tori after Tori sort of freaked out when Jasmine offered to look after Grace, given that if Jasmine isn't looking after Grace, she is). I don't think it was realistic to expect Bella not to tell anyone about Colby shooting Ross. It's interesting Angelo being the one to investigate Ross's murder. Both he and Colby cops, both killed someone although I think Angelo did a massive service getting rid of PC plod. I found the testosterone when Colby was forced to join forces with the Paratas quite amusing. And it just so happens that Mackenzie has to be the one to takes Dean's place trying to help Ari and Tane locate Bella and Nikau. Looks as though Tommy has been resigned to the history books.
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    Great chapter Poor Ailsa so much going on at the Fletcher house. Oh dear at the ending Update again soon
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    Pop the Cork on the wine bottle Maggie has left Ben seems to be crebrating it felt bit like that haha Poor Maggie
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    In my opinion TPTB have made the same mistake with the Paratas as that had in the past with the Braxtons - after 9 months on the show they still are not part of the community. While the Braxtons were on the show there were two shows, the Braxton's show and H&A. First of all I am annoyed that Gemma was only the guest character. Even though I think if she stayed she would be side kick character (like Mason to the Morgans and Oscar to the MacGuires), but she would still be the voice of the reason and one that puts everyone back to their place. I believe that they will try and make Mac (of all people) the matriarch of the family which will be just awful (IMO Bianca was never really the right fit for the Braxtons). I'm also annoyed that they missed the opportunity to develop Marilyn and Gemma's friendship. While Gemma and Nik were living with Marilyn they didn't really have a lot of scenes together and most of the time the Parates looked terrified (I know it's because of John, but still). Marilyn was only 2 times at the Paratas house (at the hangi and the night before Gemma left). It's shame because Marilyn could have the same relationship with them as she's got with the Morgans. Speaking of the Morgans, I think that Ari should really hang out with Justin (so that Justin doesn't have to hang out with John and Alf all the time). Also, Ari and Dean were best friends in jail, but Dean was at the Parata's house for the first time only recently? Seriously? I understand that Ari didn't want people to know that he was in jail, but it's been a while now since he came to the Bay. Not to mention that he is dating Dean's sister. Tane should be hanging out with Dean, Willow, Ziggy even Colby, but they continue to put him in this endless love triangle. Nik has only got Bella and Ryder, even if TPTB don't want to introduce high school kids, they can still introduce some new characters their age. The bottom line is that currently the Paratas are only really connected to Mac, Ryder and Bella.
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    Great chapter pretty big decision from Ailsa Alf is not sure what he wants hmm. Bobby has all that extra space in her house! update again soon
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    I actually really enjoyed parts of that episode. I have to admit, Amber aint bad looking at all. Would definitely smash it. I don't like the fact that she's a tease though. Tane seemed very at home at that club. Mackenzie wreaked of the Green eyed monster throughout most of that episode. The promo made Amber throwing the punch a lot worse than it was as it didn't show Mackenzie push her first. Not that I'm justifying it but at least it wasn't a case of Amber just hitting someone after saying she didn't like her which was what I originally thought. I can definitely see Mackenzie not liking Amber considering Amber was rude to her when they first met but they were at a night club and Mackenzie was complaining about everything Amber was doing (Even Ziggy thought she was going a bit too far). If Willow had been in Amber's position then she wouldn't have had a problem if Tane defended her like that. Again I don't like how Amber conducted herself dancing against that guy then complaining when he put his hands on her. I think Ziggy is a lot tougher than Mackenzie and I reckon if that punch had hit Mackenzie she would have been on the floor. So add Amber and Willow to the list of people who know she likes Tane. That scene the morning after when Amber called Mackenzie out about it was hilarious although I didn't like the way Amber was gloating when she saw Ziggy's black eye. I also really liked the way Ziggy was there as a bystander. Firstly in the club when Tane spoke to Mackenzie and Ziggy half acknowledged him after and when Mackenzie confided in Ziggy the next morning. This isn't going to end well.
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    Great chapter Poor Bobby Karen really told Ailsa the truth about the affair with her mum and Alf. Karen finally got arrested but will it stick? Update again soon
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    Nick and Julie can't catch a break...Has Adam finally grown a spine?
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    Hmmm... That Car has my attention as much as Karen's...
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    Brilliant post. It is great in H&A when the long termers get storylines but it’s a shame for the most part they are just in the background.
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