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  1. Honestly, Phoebe was actually the easiest character to write out of all of this. Her being unintentionally insensitive is one of the things more recognisable about her, to say the least. Writing Evie and Zac arguing was difficult because I don't want to make it look like Zac thinks Evie's being unreasonable or anything, he has a good idea of how much she has been suffering, but he also wants her to get better, and doesn't know the full extent of what she is feeling, and why she is feeling so. He's not being useless or unsympathetic, it's just that no one is going to make the best decision
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  2. I agree. It's so hard to invest in younger couples when it seems every couple of months there is a round of break-ups and partner swapping. I know the show's heyday was guilty of this too, but it feels more common now. I'm not sure if the producers just "chemistry test", for lack of a better term, or think the show is more interesting that way, but it would be nice to have some stable younger couples who we follow on a journey (i.e. Shane and Angel, Vinnie and Leah etc.). On the subject of couples not breaking up, I really hope John and Marilyn get back together. They were on the only fu
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