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  1. It was more the case that with Willow not being allowed into the public gallery, being a witness, she had to think of an excuse to stay outside for the first part of the proceedings. She then excused herself with that phone call to Reenie whilst Bella went in. To be fair, the amount of conversations he had about the murder whilst standing out on the balcony... or loud slanging matches with the doors wide open... with any number of diner customers only a few feet away.... it could have been anyone May have been a tad too farcical though - for us to pan down and see Angelo, si
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  3. Great chapter Christian asking Jasmine why Robbo doesn’t like him with Tori well Christian you’ve done it now Update again soon
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  4. Great chapter Christian moving permanently to the bay. Jaz and Robbo are cute. Robbo warning Christian hmm interesting Update again soon
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  5. Great chapter aww family day. Christian trying to talk to Tori but Robbo won’t have a bar of it. Update again soon
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  6. Jason's pretty much squashed all hope a Scott return feeling like it would be a "publicity stunt" but he'll still visit the set whenever he's over (his daughter Gemma is playing Scott's great niece, Harlow) Nope... Nic's as Aussie as they come. At least with Andrew Robinson, they explained away his Scots accent with him and Christina living up there for a bit! Neighbours to H&A Richard Norton who played Ryan McLachlan (Dorothy's nephew, one of those forgettables who was only in it for a year) to play the equally forgettable Simon Fitzgerald. It seemed for a while "Grass is a
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  9. Great chapter oh I hope Julie hasn’t lost her job or anything does Sarah know Ben? Al what are you up too? The Rev is good with Sally and Chris Update again soon
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  10. Ay Chihuahua! Had to laugh at the Phone capers. "Don't think I wont ban phones from this house" "More like Silver Flamin' Nightmares!" It did get annoying with the whistling though... And Phone on Silent IS a thing. Alf proving how much of a legend he actually is. Willow's doing what she has to do and is keeping Dean from being "Big Benny's" new plaything in the Big House! Dean: You Are a SNAKE! Me: Hiss!
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