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  1. Well, they started off well, but they were outnumbered already and the other side probably had reserves. At this point, the thorny issue becomes...who is the right party? The dealers were the one who turned up looking for a fight, but Tane at least had broken the law so it's not a case of one side's completely innocent and the other side's completely guilty. Of course, if none of them talk to the police, then it's a moot point.As for Dean, as I pointed out, telling the police that Colby did it doesn't really qualify as looking out for him, or at least not in Colby's book when he's still hoping
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  2. Loved this now must update mine Loved Colby and Tori moments not to mention how Colby picked up about Lance This friendship deserved more
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  3. This is a show where the Prime location is a beach and Young attractive characters run around Swimwear so yeah....
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