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  1. I don’t know who these characters are but this is really good!
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  2. Jasmine is NOT crazy. She's slowly getting her life together after still grieving over the loss over Robbo. Yes her behaviour RE Tori/Grace wasn't right recently and she was in the wrong, but at the same time she was mentally/emotionally in the right place and needed help, which Tori eventually realised and after a time of arguments, frustrations, stubborness on both parts the ice finally thawed and Jasmine agreed to seek help, she lost the future that she wanted with Robbo and her chance to have kids with him, she was feeling hurt and pain over that too. I'm glad she is in a better p
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  3. Great chapters Emma going to the police about her step dad calling her and Ails supporting her Don thinking Bobby is just with Greg because of Sam poor Carly Liked the flashback of Marilyn telling Carly what Ben did to her. Update again soon
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