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  1. Great chapter oh dear the Waltons are evil Oh no Emma getting arrested possibly Will Bobby or Greg get to Sam first? Maybe not the best idea Celia. Update again soon
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  2. Question of whether Bobby or Greg will get to Sam first... This is possibly not the best plan of Celia's.
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  3. I have no problem with her, or any other woman, being friendly with men while in the relationship nor I find something like that provocative, but considering that Tane is Ari's brother and that they already had a lot of issues (which she was well aware of from the beginning), she should have stayed away and put as much distance between them as possible (I don't think that would be too weird she barely talks to Nik). She was warned by her friends and family to keep him away, but she just ignored them and kept flirting even though she knew she wanted Ari. Tane is a player and if she told him off
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