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    Sophie looking flawless and beautiful as usual.
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    First off Nik didn't 'drag' Bella off to his uncle Tane's. You're making it sound like he threw her over his shoulder, then threw her into the car and took her against her will, she was very willing if I remember. He did look after her and made no moves on her. I don't think he's the same age as Bella or Ryder, but he's certainly not as old as Amber, Dean or Willow. Sure he was more savvy about Jade than Ryder was leading us to think he was older than he seemed, but then not long ago he confessed to Ryder he hadn't much to do with girls which was why he was asking his advice. His home life may not have been the most secure, Gemma was it seemed the moral compass out of them all, dad into robbing banks, his eldest uncle in prison, his youngest uncle disappearing at the drop of a hat at the first sign of trouble. But both Ari and Tane do care for him, isn't that why they are looking for him to bring him home? Nik rebelled against Ari because he was the more strict one and in his eyes trying to replace his dad. Ari didn't want Nik following his dad's path and either ending up in jail or dead. What advice would Mikaere have given Nik if he had been alive, would Nik have listened? Tane, it seems, was also in and out of his life hence the mystery and excitement about him to a young impressionable lad. Tane did seem, when we first saw him was the one appearing to be the bad influence on him, hence Ari warning him off him. We all know how the conversations Colby had with Bella were going, he was causing her to panic more. Nik did try and make Bella stay, but her mind was made up so in his mind going with her made sense, she'd have someone with her. A single, young girl on her own, open to all kinds of dangers. She may have thought with her past experiences she'd be OK It doesn't work that way. I may have seen it wrong, but wasn't it Bella's idea that she was ready for them to sleep together not Nik's, he asked several times if she was sure. It was also him who decided they needed to get help to fix the car when she kept insisting they couldn't ask for help from anyone, ever which had to be Ross' influence there. She would have it drummed into her from an early age not to trust anyone but him. I think Tane and Mac have reached an understanding, she recognised it must be awkward for him being in the same car as her and Ari. Liked the anecdote he told her about him, Ari and Mikaere being stuffed in the back seat of the family car with him stuck in the middle and Ari and Mikaere teasing him. At least Willow telling Colby about Dean having a son got him off the hook for not going to look for Bella and we had the usual make up between the pair. Slightly awkward talk between Ziggy and Amber about Jai, but as Amber made clear she wasn't expecting Dean to rehook up with her, she just wanted him to be part of Jai's life. Of course now he has stared school - I'm going for five - he would have heard other kids talk about their dad and wonder where his is. At least he won't have to wait until he is in his 20's before finding out who he is. I'm guessing as Amber was part of their gang back in the day she would have known Karen and the problems she had. I'm wondering if Dean will mention what the real cause was, as that is the main reason why he didn't want kids with Ziggy in case he had inherited her condition. It is something Amber deserves to know. It's good Ziggy is sticking by Dean, who is still getting his head round the news himself. Jasmine is not cured after one session, she knows she has to carry on and she has now recognised it's not about Grace, it's about her abandonment issues and how in a way Robbo abandoned her when he died which she needs to come to terms with first. Do agree Tori is giving very mixed messages to Jasmine. I thought it was entirely in character for Alf to do a disappearing act when Roo and Marilyn started talking all things spiritual. He is such a down to earth character and just didn't want to be there to stop him himself pouring cold water on it. Now, as it is no spoiler, I can safely 'say' I had to laugh when we see Alf's face when Evan's double appears at the Surf Club and he comes out with the line "Hogan's ghost"! No, definitely not Hogan's ghost.
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    Justin still is the only one thinking logically regarding crazy Jasmine - She's all cured after one session. Of course. Loved his comment about Tori sleeping with one eye open. So according to Jasmine's shrink Robbo's death caused the craziness. Who would have thought. My main issue with this storyline at the moment firstly is with Tori. When she took out the AVO, she should have ceased all contact with Jasmine but by being friendly with her she's been too ambiguous. So it's no surprise Jasmine seems to ignore the fact Tori wanted to keep her away from Grace, especially when Tori is taking photos of them with her phone and saying Jasmine can have access to Grace if things go well. The second issue I have is that (which all the other characters are apparently oblivious to) the only reason Jasmine is getting help is so she can have access to Grace. When it should be about realising how she is and working on self improvement. If she was bared permanently from seeing Grace she wouldn't be doing this (I'm not surprised Marilyn was trying to comfort Tori after Tori sort of freaked out when Jasmine offered to look after Grace, given that if Jasmine isn't looking after Grace, she is). I don't think it was realistic to expect Bella not to tell anyone about Colby shooting Ross. It's interesting Angelo being the one to investigate Ross's murder. Both he and Colby cops, both killed someone although I think Angelo did a massive service getting rid of PC plod. I found the testosterone when Colby was forced to join forces with the Paratas quite amusing. And it just so happens that Mackenzie has to be the one to takes Dean's place trying to help Ari and Tane locate Bella and Nikau. Looks as though Tommy has been resigned to the history books.
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    He's already doing that in her head, so why not? And as for Foley turning up to collect Sam early, that's gotta be a kick in the proverbial lady balls for Bobby... Alf chucking Morag back at Don was uncalled for but realistic. And the downstairs guest room gets use after seemingly vanishing after Danny stayed there.
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    Interesting way of introducing Finlay! That wasn't what Ben was after... Ailsa is at least letting Alf see Duncan but possibly not for long... Shock for Bobby!
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