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    Rewatching the body discovery ep... I was alarmed to discover Ross was only 2 wks older than me, according to his license!
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    Agreed. Especially with Zac and the VJ + Billie relationship. The relationship was short lived but the storyline for it dominated 2016 and after Billies death it still continued till late 2017 but as a custody battle. Zac was a father figure for the Caravan Park for a while though he was on the show for nearly 4.5 half years he was only a father figure for about half that. The Braxton formula has tried to be replicated numerous times since. In a way, the Holdens were almost a prototype of what would eventually become the Braxtons.
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    I'm not sure if Roo or Marilyn were considered Legenadary...maybe Marilyn but I feel with them both returning 10 years ago and still on the show, they've definitely reached that...John too. I think Brax is also legendary status - in and put for about 5.5 years and the Braxtons dominated the show at this point - with Brax at the forefront. I dont know who else wpuld be considered legendary in the last 10 years - maybe VJ as he became more prominent. Memorable relationships in the last 10 years -Romeo and Indi -Dex and April -Bianca and Liam -Bianca and Heath - Marilyn and John - John and Gina - Brax and Charlie - Brax and Ricky - Ben and Maggie -Hunter and Olivia -Ziggy and Brody Justin and Leah have potential
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    In my opinion TPTB have made the same mistake with the Paratas as that had in the past with the Braxtons - after 9 months on the show they still are not part of the community. While the Braxtons were on the show there were two shows, the Braxton's show and H&A. First of all I am annoyed that Gemma was only the guest character. Even though I think if she stayed she would be side kick character (like Mason to the Morgans and Oscar to the MacGuires), but she would still be the voice of the reason and one that puts everyone back to their place. I believe that they will try and make Mac (of all people) the matriarch of the family which will be just awful (IMO Bianca was never really the right fit for the Braxtons). I'm also annoyed that they missed the opportunity to develop Marilyn and Gemma's friendship. While Gemma and Nik were living with Marilyn they didn't really have a lot of scenes together and most of the time the Parates looked terrified (I know it's because of John, but still). Marilyn was only 2 times at the Paratas house (at the hangi and the night before Gemma left). It's shame because Marilyn could have the same relationship with them as she's got with the Morgans. Speaking of the Morgans, I think that Ari should really hang out with Justin (so that Justin doesn't have to hang out with John and Alf all the time). Also, Ari and Dean were best friends in jail, but Dean was at the Parata's house for the first time only recently? Seriously? I understand that Ari didn't want people to know that he was in jail, but it's been a while now since he came to the Bay. Not to mention that he is dating Dean's sister. Tane should be hanging out with Dean, Willow, Ziggy even Colby, but they continue to put him in this endless love triangle. Nik has only got Bella and Ryder, even if TPTB don't want to introduce high school kids, they can still introduce some new characters their age. The bottom line is that currently the Paratas are only really connected to Mac, Ryder and Bella.
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    Agree with everything you said especially the last bit. Its absolutely bonkers that these people can't tell the difference between fiction and real life.
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