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  1. Alf's episode count this week: Three. Someone obviously decided this was an important week, as Colby and Dean appear in every episode and Willow, Bella and Nikau all appear in four. Halfway through the episode, as we were treated to the cringe-inducing sight of Bella and Nikau dancing on a clifftop in slow motion, I found myself going "Oh good grief, this isn't supposed to be a romantic moment, is it?" My opinion of the pairing has gone from mild discomfort to utterly detesting them together, yet on this evidence it seems the show seems to think they're some sort of long-term power couple
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  2. There's Currawong Beach, which is directly opposite Palm Beach on the other side of Pittwater - but the one in the show is a fictional place named Mount Currawong All the Blue Mountain location scenes were actually filmed three months after the rest of the scenes in these episodes, the result being that the Mt Currawong we're seeing is still meant to be in the Northern Territory as per the original plan for the shoot... evidenced by the itinerary Colby printed off, which showed Nik & Bella's route north via Alice Springs, Tennant Creek and Katherine. I think with the circumstanc
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