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    Alf's episode count this week: Three. Someone obviously decided this was an important week, as Colby and Dean appear in every episode and Willow, Bella and Nikau all appear in four. Halfway through the episode, as we were treated to the cringe-inducing sight of Bella and Nikau dancing on a clifftop in slow motion, I found myself going "Oh good grief, this isn't supposed to be a romantic moment, is it?" My opinion of the pairing has gone from mild discomfort to utterly detesting them together, yet on this evidence it seems the show seems to think they're some sort of long-term power couple. And Nikau is almost as high as Colby on my hate list at the moment. The first sight of him grinning like a loon was so utterly out of keeping with the situation that even Bella called him out for enjoying it, although sadly that didn't last. She had enough bad influences in her life as it was: She needed an adult, not an irresponsible sleazy man-child. If the show wants us to forget him stealing Tori's car to get away from the police and endangering Grace, then having him steal Tane's money to get away from the police and arguably endanger Bella a few weeks later doesn't really help. He's been throwing tantrums and threatening to run out on his family pretty much as long as we've known him, but from his response to that list of messages, he may be about to realise the reality of actually doing it, as he suddenly notices that he's agreed to run off into the bush and live on nuts and berries for the next seventy years just to keep hold of Bella. Dammit, why did Willow and Ziggy have to stop Dean punching Colby in the face? (Are punches allowed at the moment? It seems every other sort of physical contact is!) No wonder he gets punched as much as he does, he's got one of those faces. Ziggy did annoy me a bit with the way she kept interrupting and storming off when Dean tried to tell her anything (although to be fair to her, him choosing to confide in Willow first probably stung).Amber and Dean's son would have been conceived after Dean got out of jail: I'm not sure if we've been told how long he was in there for? Not sure you need passports to cross state lines in Australia, but Currawong is in New South Wales anyway. (So Ari's "Could they have gone any further?" last episode was a bit odd, and may be a relic from an old script before it got moved nearer because of travel restrictions.) Mackenzie gets one moment of awesome with her "Do I look unsure?" Nice to get some reaction from Marilyn and Roo to Angelo being back, and finally get an answer to the question of whether or not he's with Nicole: Presumably Angelo filled Irene in on one of his trips to the Diner. I'm not too disappointed: I was happy Nicole got a happy ending after a year of near-constant misery (a lot of it down to Marilyn!) but never really saw them as endgame. I am more concerned that apparently no-one in the Bay stayed in touch with her if they had to wait for Angelo to turn up to find out (I hope Miles still has her number at least), but thinking about it, Angelo was worried about retribution from the Braxtons when they left and didn't want anyone to know where they were. I love that they credited a character as "Dale the Camp Manager". It's just begging for someone to read the cast list in TV Week and go "Is that the manager of a camp or a manager who is camp?"
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    There's Currawong Beach, which is directly opposite Palm Beach on the other side of Pittwater - but the one in the show is a fictional place named Mount Currawong All the Blue Mountain location scenes were actually filmed three months after the rest of the scenes in these episodes, the result being that the Mt Currawong we're seeing is still meant to be in the Northern Territory as per the original plan for the shoot... evidenced by the itinerary Colby printed off, which showed Nik & Bella's route north via Alice Springs, Tennant Creek and Katherine. I think with the circumstances we have to just let them have that one, the tropics were just have a cold snap Behind the scenes info/pics for these episodes for anyone interested - https://www.backtothebay.net/news/2020/08/20/behind-the-scenes-as-home-and-away-heads-to-the-blue-mountains/
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