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    Great chapter pretty big decision from Ailsa Alf is not sure what he wants hmm. Bobby has all that extra space in her house! update again soon
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    Seems like Bobby's got tons of room in that house!
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    Pretty big choice for Ailsa to make and it looks as though Alf's not as ready to switch as he appeared...
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    I actually really enjoyed parts of that episode. I have to admit, Amber aint bad looking at all. Would definitely smash it. I don't like the fact that she's a tease though. Tane seemed very at home at that club. Mackenzie wreaked of the Green eyed monster throughout most of that episode. The promo made Amber throwing the punch a lot worse than it was as it didn't show Mackenzie push her first. Not that I'm justifying it but at least it wasn't a case of Amber just hitting someone after saying she didn't like her which was what I originally thought. I can definitely see Mackenzie not liking Amber considering Amber was rude to her when they first met but they were at a night club and Mackenzie was complaining about everything Amber was doing (Even Ziggy thought she was going a bit too far). If Willow had been in Amber's position then she wouldn't have had a problem if Tane defended her like that. Again I don't like how Amber conducted herself dancing against that guy then complaining when he put his hands on her. I think Ziggy is a lot tougher than Mackenzie and I reckon if that punch had hit Mackenzie she would have been on the floor. So add Amber and Willow to the list of people who know she likes Tane. That scene the morning after when Amber called Mackenzie out about it was hilarious although I didn't like the way Amber was gloating when she saw Ziggy's black eye. I also really liked the way Ziggy was there as a bystander. Firstly in the club when Tane spoke to Mackenzie and Ziggy half acknowledged him after and when Mackenzie confided in Ziggy the next morning. This isn't going to end well.
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