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    It doesn't feel like there's an age gap to me.
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    Summer Bay was founded in 1852 by Angus(?) Stewart (Alf’s Grandfather?), thought for many years to have been captain of the ship that landed in the bay on a spot on the beach near the Surf Club. It later turned out that he was just a deckhand who jumped off the ship and got to land before the Captain and so got to name the town. Stewart’s Point is named after him. Alf’s Father built the Caravan Park on land adjacent to Summer Bay House and gave it to him as a gift. It’s unclear if he gave him the house as well as that bit was sort of a retcon as Alf was said to be a self made man originally, but somehow he’d taken over the house from his father. His parents then lived in a small house in Summer Bay with Celia. Gordon had an affair with Mavis Hickey at some point years earlier, producing Coleen Smart, Sarah (Alf’s Mum) knew as it was documented in a diary that was in the time capsule that was exposed by the 2008 Earth Tremor.
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    Had her three episodes for the block! I agree that Bella needs to learn to control her temper rather than constantly losing it, but the adults in her life really don't help. It's all right for Irene to make superior comments about Bella needing to change, but people know what she's like, and they still end up pushing her over the edge and pushing her buttons.Having been a bemused greek chorus to Colby's failed attempts to discipline Bella in the past, Dean is now doing just as bad a job: The ironic thing is that laidback Dean would probably get better results than "Because I said so" Dean. Hanging out with Ryder and Nikau was good for her, and there didn't seem to be any reason for Dean to act like the fun police and kick them out when they weren't doing anything remotely objectionable: Just listening to music (at a reasonable volume) and chatting. And cry me a river at Colby having to work overtime to pay for Bella's counselling and tutoring. He also murdered her father and buried the body and Dean helped him (as we're subtly reminded here when she can't even tell her friends the truth), which is probably the main reason she needs counselling and tutoring, so forgive my lack of sympathy at them reaping what they sowed. And haven't we gone back a stage with Bella's schooling? We were told months ago that she couldn't go into Year 12, and she chose home schooling over repeating Year 11, and Colby had tutors lined up, and Roo and Maggie suggesting long distance teaching was only meant to help him out with paying for it...so why is Roo suddenly saying she can't go into Year 12 and has to repeat Year 11 as if this is new information rather than something discussed, rejected and moved on from ages ago? What happened to the home school and tutoring, which Dean was even whining about a few scenes later? I'll say this for Dean though: He and Ziggy gave Mackenzie good advice over Colby. She was in danger of being overrun by her emotions and forgetting the fact that there were good reasons for ending things with Colby and they haven't gone away. I'm left thinking on reflection that I'm not impressed with either John or Marilyn.John's behaviour towards the Paratas seems to be crossing the line into victimisation, as him looking for the slightest excuse to kick Nikau out of the surf club demonstrated, including blaming him for something Bella did.Nikau didn't do himself any favours by spoiling for a fight though, and Ryder's realisation that you need to pick your battles shows that the adults can learn a lot from him.But I'm left feeling it's not the Paratas who are taking advantage of John but Marilyn, who's now blatantly disregarding his insistence they only be there temporarily (having moved them in without consulting him in the first place) and making a load of nice sounding but rather taking liberties comments about there being no limit to charity. Of course there is: What you can afford. She's expecting him to feed two extras mouths who aren't contributing anything (not because they don't want to but because she won't let them) on whatever she brings home from the Diner and whatever he earns from his job at the surf club. I understand why Irene said what she did to Gemma:She doesn't want to talk about Leah's private business to someone she doesn't really know or make promises she can't keep.But it really didn't help matters, leaving Gemma thinking she could be out of a job at any time.And she could be right. Well remembered! It was after he got clipped by a car and injured his knee.
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    It's been mentioned many times. When you grow up watching a show knowing that it's being shown a bit later than in the parent country, it doesn't really bother you. Perhaps in these internet-savvy days people want instant availability, but I still imagine the vast majority of the audience just watch the show without logging on to see what's happening in Australia at the moment. Neighbours is very much the exception rather than the rule: I'm not aware of any other imported show that gets shown the same day in the UK as in the country it originates from. Until recently, keeping a gap has allowed Channel 5 to broadcast the episodes five days a week in a consistent schedule and in the originally intended blocks, so in a sense we're better off than the haphazard Australian schedule!
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    Lukas Radovich appears in the video for Yuma X's 'Secret Lover'. He plays the role of a closeted LGBTQ+ teenager. https://www.digitalspy.com/soaps/home-and-away/a32250020/home-away-lukas-radovich-gay-role-music-video/ Here's the video. Good choon!
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    The other significant thing I heard recently whilst rewatching old episodes on Amazon Prime was that Bobby Simpson's adopted grandparents ran the local store which they later sold on to Ailsa Hogan when she arrived in the Bay. Matt Wilson's family also must have lived in the Bay for some considerable time as did the Dibbles as Martin and Lance were supposed to have been lifelong friends.
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    She was the same when Tom died in 1990 she acted as if everything was normal and it was Sally who got her to cry great continuity I thought
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    Walter Bertram may be related to Viv The Guv Standish if his mother was a Standish. Donald came to Summer Bay circa 1965.
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    There is also a profile for Gordon on the site, though some of it's been covered already. A Robert Nash was also instrumental in the founding of Summer Bay, presumably alongside Angus.
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    The Nash family too were an old Bay family, Travis & Joel’s Dad built the house that later became Leah’s.
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    Here's a video as well, if you'd like: https://streamable.com/r3asfz Personal property of absolutely no-one other than 7 network/Channel 7.
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    Dean has given Bella a right ticking off and I jumped off the sofa in glee! GO ON DEAN I hope it ****e her up and she winds her neck in a bit
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