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    Hey everyone! I am back with a new account/new username for a new fresh start. I used to be Fanofhomeandaway , Tony4RachaelEver, ~AdelleFanEver~ and ~JarlieFanEver~ on my old account when I joined the backtothebay forum on 19th June 2006. Now my old account had been changed to Inactive User because of my decision to leave the forum last year. I had completed twelve Home and Away fanfictions from 2010 to 2017. But I had them deleted from the forum on my request because of my decision to leave the forum. Luckily I had saved all my fanfictions to my laptop as I was considering rewriting them at the moment. I had kinda of lost all inspiration for writing more fanfictions because I had ran out of ideas/plots and twists, storylines, etc..for more fanfictions. Now I got the inspiration back to write more stories. So now I am back on the backtothebay forum and I had decided I am going to rewrite a few of my Home and Away fanfictions. Decided I will be rewriting my fanfiction Life At Summer Bay I had posted on the forum on 22nd October 2015 and completed on 17th November 2016. It will be different from my previous one but keep in mind, some parts from the original one may be added into it. Title Of Story: Life At Summer Bay (Repost) Type Of Fic: Med/Long Fic BTTB Rating: G/T Main Characters: Alf and Irene, Marilyn and John, Leah and Ricky, Bianca, Denny, the Braxton clan and Ruby, other characters involved. Genre: Drama and Tragedy, Family and Adventure, Friendship, Mystery and Romance, Teen and Betrayal, Scandal and Thriller. Does it contains spoilers?: No Warnings: Adult Themes, Violence and Language, Death and Sexual Content including mentions of bullying/cyberbullying and suicide. Story Beginning Read-Proofed?: No Summary: It is about the lives and love lives, dramas of the Summer Bay residents. Drama and romance, scandal and tragedy, betrayal and breaks-up, secrets and lies, tension, etc...hell will break loose and hearts will be broken, friendships and relationships will be ruined, trust will be destroyed, secrets and lies will be revealed...coming ahead for the town residents as it was always bound to happen in a little sleepy coastal town liked Summer Bay... The banner was made by me for my fanfiction. Please DO NOT steal it! Thank you! Because the picture of Palm Beach was taken by me when I was over there visiting the Home & Away set in 2014. Contains language and swearing! You had been warned! CHAPTER ONE 1st January 2015... Ash and Phoebe are lying in each other’s arms in her bed after making love at the Braxtons’ house in her bedroom. “You okay, Phoebe? You were quiet lately said Ash stroking Phoebe’s brown wavy hair. “Yeah I am. But I hate doing this to Kyle. It’s not fair on him. He had been through a lot, you know.” said Phoebe. “I know. I just hate myself doing this to him too considering we were childhood friends.” said Ash quietly. Ash and Phoebe are still continuing their love affair for three months and kept their heads down doing everything they would do to keep their love from beginning exposed. Since starting their love affair, Ash and Phoebe both had realised they had feelings for one each other and both tried to fight the attraction that was growing between them. They both tried to fight the attraction that was growing between but they couldn’t so they both gave into temptation after realizing they were in love. Later on, Phoebe found out that she was pregnant so she took a paternity test to find out who was the father of her unborn baby was. And then the test results came out revealing that Ash is the father of her unborn child. Kyle was thrilled that he was going to be a dad but he was unaware that the baby wasn’t his. And he proposed to Phoebe two months and she accepted it but she felt guilty about her love affair and lying to Kyle and his family including everyone. Phoebe can’t bring herself to tell Kyle the truth and she can’t break his heart seeing how happy he was since they got engaged because she knew he wanted to have a family after seeing how thrilled that he was going to be a dad. “I wonder how everyone will react if they find out about us. Everyone will turn against us.” said Phoebe turning around onto her back. “Well we have to deal with it somehow. We will have to face everyone and deal with the consequences of our actions.” said Ash pecking Phoebe’s bare shoulder. “They will never forgive us. And Kyle will never forgive us. I can’t image how he is going to react when he learns the baby wasn’t his.” said Phoebe. “Yeah I know.” said Ash. “Um...we better get up and get dressed. Or we will be caught out. Well any of the others are bound to come home any minute, you know.” said Phoebe. “Ok.” said Ash sitting up so he stretched himself. They got out of bed and then they got dressed. Phoebe tided up her bedroom a bit and made the bed while Ash peeked out of the door to make sure the coast is clear. “All clear! It seems no one is at home. It’s safe to come out.” said Ash. “We should go through the back door, yeah? Just to be safe.” said Phoebe. She and Ash left the house through the back door and made sure the coast outside is clear so they hoped no one-including John and Marilyn who live next door-will see them leaving the house together. After a while, Phoebe’s mobile vibrated so she took her mobile out of her pocket and saw it was a text message from a unknown sender. After reading it, Phoebe let a loud gasp clasping a hand to her mouth when Ash looked around after hearing her exclaim and saw her standing there looking terrified and pale-faced as she stared at her mobile. “Phoebe? What is it?” said Ash when Phoebe stared at him and handed over her mobile so he can read the text message which said; ‘I know everything. About your little dirty secret. And I know Kyle is not the father of your child.’ “What the ****...?!” exclaimed Ash running a hand through his hair. “Someone knows about us!” squeaked Phoebe. “But how?! How did they know about us?!” said Ash, “Shush keep your voice down! I don’t know how they knew about us, ok? Please calm down!” said Phoebe looking around to make sure they are not in earshot and that no one is around but the neighbourhood is empty and quiet. “Do you recognise this number?” asked Ash. “No I don’t think so. It can be anyone who knows my number.” said Phoebe. “But how did this person figure out who the father of your baby was?” asked Ash. “I don’t know, honestly. Oh my god! The paternity test results!” said Phoebe so she rushed off back to the house closely followed by Ash. Phoebe rushed into her bedroom and pulled out her personal where she held her letters so she searched through the personal box and got the shock of her life when she discovered the envelope that contained her test results are missing! “NO! No! Oh, ****! No! They are gone! What are we going to do?!” exclaimed Phoebe. “Son of a bitch!” said Ash when he swore quietly under his breath. Ash and Phoebe both stood here in silence-looking pale-faced and terrified that someone had figured out about their love affair including who the father of Phoebe’s unborn child is...
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    I would like more same gender couples. I think it’s time we have a new bad storm episode. I would like Pippa to make a guest appearance. More Ryder and Dean scenes.
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    Great chapter Reverend Jones still hiding Frank from his father not good. What will Pippa find out in New York? Update again soon
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    Alf still trying to have it every way, Reverend Jones still hiding Frank from his father. And what will Pippa find in New York?
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