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    A short, but memorable one from 1995. The Horror music used for Bobby emerging from the fridge, Shannon finding a body after the bushfire, and probably a few more scenes.
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    I can't stand Love Island either, but do agree that H&A do need to go back to basics. Focus on character driven storylines and focus, more family orientated stuff and character development and a toned down approach, less gang focus, more humour, more interesting/complex characters emerging, but it's hard in terms of the younger ones as understandably they all like to go off and spread their wings.
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    I really dislike Dean and Ziggy as a couple and I much preferred her with Brody, (before they changed his character and had him cheat on her). I recently saw the promo of all the cast singing the theme tune together after a while, and in it, we can see Brody and Ziggy being loved up together, which only confirms my opinion that they were better suited together. They actually felt like a proper couple that were in it for the long haul. For me, Dean and Ziggy don't give me that impression. I don't feel that the two of them would realistically stay together for the long haul and be a happy couple during that time.
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    Of course, Luke really did a great job as Angelo. And he was a really interesting character. But I was never really comfortable with him coming back, though to be fair, he did caught on a lot of grief from the residents there.
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    I really liked Angelo and thought Luke Jacobz did a great job playing! He was divisive, marmite, complex and unpredictable, but at least he made an impact and got people talking whether it was good or bad. Even though they ended up friends in the end I did love Amanda's vicious put downs of Leah, the sickly sweet, i'm so innocent routine Leah has does grate sometimes.
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    A really interesting topic. I do like Robbo and Jasmine together, they are different, but they really work well off each other. I've been liking Evie since 2015, when she was still far from most people's favourites. I've always hated Hunter, even when he made his "change" in 2015. Like you, I like Bella. I don't think she's being a brat at all, she is dealing with some deeply emotional issues and Colby's been doing a terrible job with her. I found it hard to accept Angelo, especially when he returned in 2009. I did not like Maddy and Oscar together, because in 2014, Maddy was using Oscar for his own reasons, and even after that, they weren't really interesting. I did feel a great deal of sympathy for her, but I found it a bit ridiculous that Billie was immediately forgiven for her lying.
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    Great work once again Andrew, always loved that little piece! I think the very first variation of it (with a shorter piano ending) was at the end of Ep 1620 when Jack had those steroids.
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    There's a couple of different ladies, one of them is actually Lynne McGranger's daughter. But no, as extras they don't generally speak - I'm sure at least one of them has been named in conversation but it wasn't clear which one they were referring to.
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    Great that Mason got off and without a criminal conviction too. He just needs to keep his nose clean now. You wouldn't think that Raffy had just turned 16. She acts like she is 6. At least she appreciates Maz. Justin was right that Brody needs to tell Ziggy that he is leaving.
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    Currently, the only couples that I really care about are Jasmine and Robbo, Justin and Leah, and John and Marilyn.
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    I know it’s not character related but good to have someone like Lynne in cast as she very devoted to show and fans as she is very she honest with fans and bought rumours to PTB attention to close them down.
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    Not a fan, I find her nosey, immature and presumptuous. She way too involved in Dean and Colby's life.
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    Clickibait per usual from Daily Mail. But not innacurate. Its no secret H and A has been struggling in its prime time slot with the ratings dwindling. For various of reasons. The River Boys love them or hate them. Generated a ton of attention for the show, and Ratings were solid. I think current format has alot to do with the decline of H and A. No compelling characters or story plots at all. That said I would be shocked if it gets the axe. As said it still fits that Local Quota. But I Can definately see it being relocated. And no longer a primetime slot.
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    It's early days yet but I like Ziggy and Dean also Justin and Leah
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    So one blog has been basically mis-reported by the British tabloids. It's a tough one, isn't it. Home & Away has struggled for a few years and has gone really downhill in the past decade. However, due to the numerous International contracts, I can't see Seven canceling the show. This is why Neighbours got bumped to a sister channel rather than axed altogether, as despite its unpopularity domestically it's still a major source of revenue for Ten and Freemantle, mainly thanks to the Channel 5 deal. In all honestly, it'll probably move to 7Two, possibly with a late night encore on Seven proper. But whilst it fulfills a local quota and production costs are almost entirely met by the Channel 5 deal, I think it's highly unlikely it'll be axed completely. Does the show need a major revamp though? Absolutely. I can't speak for the Aussie audience, but the insane popularity of Love Island in the UK shows there's a huge market for a show containing swimwear-clad beautiful people who live by the seaside and continually relationship-switch. The show needs to go back to basics, become more lightweight and deliver the "every day is summer in Summer Bay" ethos that made the show such a huge draw in the winter in the UK. That + fostering element = success. The problem for the past decade is it's become EastEnders-On-Sea. EastEnders is shown in both the UK and Oz if people want to be depressed! Make H&A the sunshine soap again, and go from there. Drop the guns, the depressing stuff, and make it true immersive escapism from our s**tty lives again. Like I say, Love Island shows there's a market for it amongst an otherwise difficult to target demo.
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    Lynne McGranger once again replying to fans on Twitter about these ''rumours''. DARL!
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    You have a point. And what good was Cricket on 7 anyway, people were so upset with the coverage and much of it was on Foxtel (Pay TV) The ABC has had so many stupid funding cuts from the Government in the past 6 years, but they still make some great dramas and Comedies.
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    The budget issue isn't H&A budget, but channel 7's. They massively overspent on cricket rights in a joint partnership with foxtel. As sports rights are so expensive, AFL, NRL & Cricket actually cost the networks money as they can't recoup all the money back on adertisements. That's why whenever there is a new sports rights deal reached (always for more money), Australian drama suffers. It happened back in the mid noughties when 7 successfully renegotiated a new AFL deal and Blue Heelers was the victim. Channel 7 decided the previous year that they were going to axe 800 words, before they finally aired the final batch of episodes. Yes the ratings were down on the first half (so was everything else) but they didn't even try to fix the problems with more promotion or a timeslot change, just canned the show right away. I suspect that that was also a victim of the sports rights issues. 800 words was even a co production filmed in New Zealand which probably made it one of their cheapest tv dramas in years. What annoys me is that the networks constantly set unrealistic ratings targets for their dramas and when they don't achieve those at the first available opportunity it's the excuse they have to axe them. It almost becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy when the network almost expects them to fail or loses interest. Unfortunately the networks still think if they have big marquee sporting events, then the eyeballs that watch those sporting events will also watch the other programmes on their network, but that has consistently been proven false with the ratings data emerges and it also operates on the outdated view that watching those sporting events are only available on the commercial channels exclusively, when you can watch it with streaming or other third parties. It really is nothing more than a pissing contents between networks though that can grab or steal the other sporting code away from each other and have bragging rights. As you have pointed out H&A also has other avenues of revenue, they even released merchandise like hats and towels, which makes targeting H&A even more ridiculous. I like reality tv, except the awful dating ones, but I agree there has to be a tipping point eventually when others have finally had enough and reality tv gets pared back a little.
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    Great chapter Julie and Nick could something be happening there? Typical dad embarrassing his daughter. Maybe Ailsa shouldn't of left Emma home alone. Update again soon
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    Alec playing matchmaker much to Julie's embarrassment... Bet she's wanting a hole to swallow her up right now! Seems like all the girlies want a bit of Conatable Parrish's baton! Achy Breaky Heart...
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    Roo's interested in Nick now? Another one who's not short of attention!
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    Also Annie, I mean for a girl who was a bit naive and not the most independent girl, it did seem odd for her to go and live in Japan. There was no concern with Irene as I thought Irene would be more bit rarely to let one of her more needed Forster children to live on other side of world with no adult support and thought Irene would least question her going to live there permanently. Annie was just not type leave home early and not too mention go live and on other side of world. I guess Annie had be written out and H&A exits are not always 100% realistic. I think better way is for Geoff to had go to Japan as well Annie. But then now i think about Annie was pretty matured when she return in 2010 and so maybe it help her grow up.
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    I have always thought she's boring
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    Ruby- I really didn't like the way she left, I felt like she deserved a lot more. Zac- I hated the cheating storyline. I would have preferred him to have stayed with Leah and their marriage to continue without Zac dying like Dan and Vinnie, so both him and Leah could actually be happy. Josh- completely hated his exit with a passion. I still believe that it was completely out of his character to kill someone and then cover it up. Kyle- I think we can all agree that his ending was one of the worse.
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