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    There’s also ones like Seb and Maddi who have injuries but leave straight after. It will be a HUGE mistake if they make Jett walk again. It’s unlikely Jett will be a permanent character anyway so I don’t see why they would have him recover. They need to show the viewers that paralysed characters can still have a happy ending without a full recovery. It’s insulting to those with true disabilities.
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    What about them? As my memory recalls, a lot of those cops mentioned before (with the possible exception of Dylan Carter, as his fate is still ambiguous) were arrested or met their comeuppance, such as Renee Turner. Why is the same not for Colby? And also, I don't see how previous corrupt cops have to do with Colby's situation here, just because there were criminals in higher commanding places before doesn't give Colby as free pass at all. He's still a criminal in a officer's uniform, as long as he's wearing that uniform he has a responsibility to hold up the law. If he can't put aside his personal vendetta for it, then he shouldn't be in the force, just the same as the rest of the corrupt. Anyways, Firstly, I did enjoy the very nice scenes with Ziggy and Dean, though it apparently gave Ziggy the wrong message, either that or it was the alcohol. It's a bit strange that Dean let it continue for a while before stopping instead of immediately pulling out. And while thankfully Raffy was okay, that should have gotten the alarm bells in both her and Mason's heads. While I think that Mason was a bit harsh and that maybe he was focusing to much on what would happen if they got caught at the end, ultimately I think he was right to call it off, and he shouldn't have caved in to Ryder and Raffy at the end. Meanwhile, all of my sympathy for Jett and for both John and Marilyn, during an extremely hard time for them all. For a moment I thought it was going to be another case of a miracle when Jett said he could feel his foot moving, but it looked like it was either a mistake or desperate hope. I greatly admire his commitment and responsibility towards his team and feel so bad for him feeling like a burden towards John and Marilyn. Another favourite was Jasmine, who's caring, kind side was everywhere yesterday. I loved her scene with Jett at the end, encouraging him and reminding him of all who love him, and she was very good with Tori as well, who I did like these past two episodes. I feel like I like Tori the best when she's all professional at the hospital than anywhere else.
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    My favourite couple is Tony & Rachel. I liked seeing their relationship build from the beginning and how they started a family.
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    Ross was kind of right about Colby though: He did track them down and hurt them, and in Ross' case kill him! And I fail to see why it's somehow okay for a murderer to be a police officer because other murderers have been police officers.He's corrupt and a criminal and has no right to wear the uniform.He didn't "just happen" to kill someone or "snap".He slowly and deliberately picked up the gun, walked over to where Ross was lying, pointed the gun at him, spent several minutes weighing up his options and then made the decision to kill him.As for Ryder, I think the very fact he got the weed shows that he doesn't get it.He just wants to make things better for Raffy and he's not thinking about the big picture or how much trouble they could all get in.Stopping this unofficial trial was the best thing for everyone in the long term but now he's managed to pressure Mason into carrying on with it. That was some very affecting stuff with Jett.I have high hopes for them following through on this: I notice another thread has been started claiming lots of other characters were told they wouldn't walk again and did, but I don't think that's right, none of them were told categorically that they wouldn't.Jett has been and it would take a lot to come back from it.Jasmine was on top form here, just being sweet and caring towards both Jett and Tori.Jett looks scarily young which adds to the impact of the responsibility he feels: Even with this, he's been luckier than some and, despite his gratitude to John and Marilyn for bringing him home, he feels he should be there with them rather than being out of it. Dean was kind of in a no-win situation with Ziggy, although it was a bit strange that he let it go on as long as he did and then stopped.If they'd gone through with it, she'd probably have regretted it the next day.He pulls back and she feels rejected.
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    And another non- mental health recent one was Roo and her back injury that was going to cause permanent pain from when Ryder hit her with the car - it was never mentioned again apart from when Alf said 'Mind you back' when they fell down the hole at the school. And, in the same way they never have a gay character for long - it would be really good to have a long term gay or lesbian couple in the show too. - 16 minutes ago, adam436 said: Hayley was also supposedly permanently disfigured after the car accident in 2004 with Brodie. I can't seem to get the quotes to work properly - it keeps merging and letting me edit other people's post which I did accidently! And what about Marilyn's burns? Where are they now?
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    I think Joel's subsequent exit and the Stewarts new residence were the only long-term impacts of the story. Everything else was forgotten within an episode or two, so it felt like it was all for nothing, given it was supposedly the most expensive stunt H&A had done at that point. I guess you could argue that about most "stunts" though, but I remember as a 12 year old being really excited and on the edge-of-my-seat, only to be disappointed when it all fell flat in the first few minutes.
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    I just wished Roo hadn't miscarried, I know she had increased risk of losing it because of her age, but still, it would have been nice to have her have a child on the show. I would have loved it too if the baby had special needs and she for a brief second was sad about it, but then she decides that she has waited so long to have a child and she finally gets one and it's a blessing for her.
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    Could have been great storylines for Roo but all we got out of it was Roo deciding to go into teaching which could have been achieved another way. I mean she didn't even find Martha off screen. Didn't she want find Martha cause of her miscarriage another storyline that showed some potential to be an interesting but went no where
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    Regardless of whether or not she has a problem with H&A, she wouldn't have returned last year because of Neighbours, so I do not understand why the writers even went there with Roo last year I feel like most of Roo's storylines are pointless and/or go nowhere
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