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    They should set up a Perimeter between Summer Bay and Mangrove River with Alf or Robbo at an armed guard tower "You're not flamin' comin' in here and that's that!"
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    If only the rumor mill came true then we would have a lot of characters return!
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    It feels as though the more Colby talks about turning himself in, the less likely he is to actually do it, although maybe he'll surprise me. Willow was as bad as I feared, coming across as the biggest scumbag of the lot with her moral of "Murder's okay if I like the murderer." I hated her screwing up Bella's schooling just so she could manipulate the situation.And I always hate it when they act as though someone should get away with a crime because people will be upset or worse off if they go to jail. The idea that, ooh, maybe they should have thought of the effect on people around them before committing the crime instead of using them as an excuse to get away with it afterwards never quite seems to dawn on anyone.Colby talks about taking responsibility one moment, then spouts his usual line about doing what he had to do and doing it to protect Bella to try and justify it the next. No-one apart from the quickly dispensed with Chelsea has ever pointed out that he'd have done a better job of protecting Bella by putting Ross in jail, instead of murdering Ross and making himself the one that should be in jail.The only bright spots were Jasmine showing how she's a much better person than the Mangrove River crowd (I loved her facing down Willow) and a realistic response from Bella which I hope gets carried on with. I can't even get behind Irene getting over-involved, I was hoping we'd got past her fixating on the latest teenage girl in town.
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