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    Lovely ending and glad that Ricky and Denny and all the rest ended up happy together. Thanks for sharing!
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    Great chapter Oh dear such violence. Liked the talk between the girls,Pippa and Ian. Update again soon
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    This! Even Sesame Street had a send off for an actor that died (Will Lee), instead of saying Mr Hooper (the man that Will Lee portrayed in the show) left or retired, they had the character die too, which taught the viewers about death, while Home and Away's viewers are much older than those of Sesame Street, they should still have Morag die, rather than keep her alive, because any other actress portraying Morag would never work.
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    Thanks so much for the details you've given So was it a pretty pointless return then? I wonder what led them to bring the character back 5 years after he'd departed, just for a guest stint when he barely had any links left...? He had aged quite a lot by the look of the pictures he was in from that time. Does anyone else agree, or was he still a heart-throb back then?!
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    Yeah it was really just a cameo reappearance. He annoyed Sally to the point that she quit her job at Bonza Burgers, then she and Vinnie set up a rival burger stall outside. He thought Shauna was a lesbian and then challenged her to triathlon. He was a bit of comic relief during the pretty dark Ailsa coma storyline. I'm not sure if there was anything in there about him seeking forgiveness from Donald or looking for redemption. I'm pretty sure there wasn't.
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    I'm sure it was to launch Bonza Burger at the Surf Club. I dont think there was any other reason? I could be wrong though.
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    Thanks Red Ranger, really appreciate it. Have sorted out my episodes now. I can't believe I have 1988 and 1989 fully stored, how amazing!
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    To me an original character is the first group of full-time actors that they have when they launch show and when they released the show to the press, Fiona Spence and Justine Clarke were part of this, in the same way I wouldn't include Bob, as I would say he's merely a guest that appears in a few early episodes.
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    Celia and Roo were original characters even though they don't appear for a few days.
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    Floss and Neville.Bob Barnett's a bit of an odd one to include, he was never more than a guest character.Martin, Lance and Matt were all in the pilot which would put them level with Donald.
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    Indeed, with Roo returning last year, albeit played by a different actress, I think that leaves just Neville as the only character of the originals who never returned. (I don't know if you count Lynn as someone who returned as a guest star whilst still on the credits or someone who doesn't appear for 6 weeks whilst on the credits) EDIT: Forgot Sally.
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    In the Frank Morgan Story book that was released in the 80's (so probably not strictly canon), Frank's parents names are given as Les and Helena, Helena's maiden name Niarchos, with her parents being Spiro and Maria, thus that's where the Greek came from. However, I'd say there's also probably a chance that they wrote the Greek descent into the character because Alex Papps got the role.
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    Samantha and her father also categorically denied any abuse, either of Samantha or Carly. Ultimately, Carly was fostered because she refused to go back there, but they had no real evidence, with Samantha's denial as well making it very difficult to prove.
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