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  1. We've started uploading the profile updates for all current regulars up to the end of June, much thanks to Red Ranger 1 once again for providing them. This means that Ash's profile is now complete. It's coming in the next few weeks along with Robbo and Willow. Colby, Jasmine and Dean will be in the next update as they weren't regulars by that point.
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  2. After a year of the Astonis, yes that long!, I find Maggie as one of the best characters the show has had for a while. She’s had a great storyline and hasn’t had a dodgy entry to the show with her family. She’s got a role in the community and is well liked. Hope she stays around
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  3. Bit concerned she could turn into Shelley and Beth and just become a background character. Also: I mean they already have Roo/Leah/Irene/Marilyn as 40+ role and I just think it already defeats Maggie purpose as they could parried father with Roo and Roo could even become principal as she has teacher degree with working at uni. When Gina arrive in 2009 she was welcome because we were desperate for 40+ female character even thought Gina was unlikeable by fans.
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