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    Just as well Viv isn't the mix, that'd have made things even more complicated! Bobby, Bobby, Bobby... Narelle, while no nuclear physicist, *has* a point: she's gonna have to do some explaining if the child comes out with an Olive Complexion and sporting a Mullet
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    I think Michael was one of the more believable characters on the show. He was a very human, flawed person who wore his heart on his sleeve. It can't have been easy for him to go from living a quiet post-divorce life to moving into a house full of raucous teenagers. His reaction to many of the troubles thrown at him were very realistic and what most of us would do. He wasn't a saint and never pretended to be. What I liked about him was that he was prepared to admit he had got things wrong, even if it could take a while for the penny to drop. Like most people, he was a complex mix of kindness, goodness, pig-headedness, pride and vulnerability. Mostly he was a good bloke and his chemistry with Pippa was very believable. It's lovely that in real life, he and Debra got their happy ending. It's a shame that the programme makers decided not to grant them that on the show. I'd love to know the truth behind why they axed him. Michael and Pippa were a nice anchor for the show and the sort of grounding those wayward kids needed. If there's one quibble I have, it's that we got to see less of Michael's playful side as the series went on. One of my favourite early scenes is where he lets Pippa think he has given Adam Cameron the details of where they're going for their honeymoon, almost doubling over with laughter. More of those sorts of scenes would have been nice.
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    Haha yeah. Did she win with Pippa's meatloaf recipe?
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    I very much like Michael, even when he's in the wrong. I think he is a good guy who's heart is always in the right place, even when he does go about things in a very questionable manner sometimes. He's much more realistic than Tom in my opinion, who was like someone out of the Brady Bunch: "Now kids what lesson have we learned today?". Micheal's more real because he's flawed. It's much more interesting to watch someone like Michael who tries to get it right and fails, than Tom who was just Mr Perfect Father Figure. But Tom very much suited the original premise of the show. Anyway I don't want to turn this into a Tom v Michael thread because as Blaxland 89 says, they are their own characters. It is about time Michael had his own thread!
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