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    Loved Billie thinking about how feeding the bub was her job, not Kyle's .....and how Irene and Alf were commenting to eveyione how they are as normal as all the humans [vj, chris etc] trust Hunter's actions to be of the destructive/violent kind
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    Great chapter Feel so sorry for Kyle and Josh. Smithy isn't a very nice man killing Agent Ricci and Agent Lewis. Update again soon
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    Great chapter Looks like Josh must be going blind. Poor guy! He had been through enough. Liked the mention of the Stallion Tamer Update soon please xx
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    Firstly the little mention of The Stallion Tamer’ at the start You don't know how I laughed at that I can't think why Most of that chapter was amusing Agent Lee being very useful as ever Brax and Ricky should just go all Rambo style and sort this mess out Josh might be blind oh dear but at least he won't see the rapists coming now Is that a good thing? Oh and he is right to think that the doctor may just run out of paper A few months a few months he can't truly make 28 years ha funny Agent Ricci and Agent Lewis they so wanted to get into each others pants flirting much Shame they can't now given their dead.. So glad the babe Doris isn't dead Smithy is a lucky man... Oh and how dare Agent Lewis think Doris looks like a MAN I am truly shocked I do love this story it makes my day night
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    The boys continue to be in deep doo doo and their only hope is the Keystone Cops.Really not been a good week for them...
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    Feel so sorry for Josh and Kyle! Ricky and Brax really need to find Heath asap.
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    Pitty that Scarlet was killed by the shark ...... but the tackle double entendres [sp?] was quite funny .....and intriguing, given she was talking to Alf.
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    You mean in reference Lance and Martin? Remember when Tom Fletcher said they were as "sharp as a pound of wet leather"? That was when Lance and Marilyn trashed Alf's dinghy and Lance promised in the end to go down to the bank and pay for a new boat
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    Great chapter Loved how Alf is whinging about the pink fishing rob he is using, lol. Update soon please xx
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    Great chapter Alf whinging about using a pink fishing rod Scarlett putting lip gloss on at a traffic light oh my Still find it odd Luc can talk. Update again soon
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    Love Alf's blase attitude at the end there! 'Oh well, at least I didn't get eaten!' Again, a lot of nice imagery here with Alf and his pink fishing rod, slippers, and the fact that he was sitting on his hat... Scarlett putting on lip gloss at the traffic lights... The shark trying to decide which one of the figures on shore looked the tastier! Lol! And again, I'm intrigued by the significance of this book and its seeming ability to give Luc the power of speech. Very mysterious! Impatiently awaiting the next chapter! haha!
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