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    I'm stuck on the story. Will be writing it soon, my internet keeps crashing.
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    Thanks KittCatt! Always appreciate the feedback x To be honest, I do actually feel a bit guilty writing all this misery for Kyle. I mean, how much more can the poor fella take?! Thanks Suzza! I've run out of likes for this evening. Really appreciate the feedback and glad you're enjoying it, even if I am tugging at your heartstrings! lol!
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    Great chapter! Poor Kyle (Im just going to keep calling him that) Glad Kat stuck to her guns and didn't tell Nate what was going on. But i think she may have to tell Tamara (and Health) so they can understand what is going on. Very powerful scene when he didn't want Tamara to call him Kyle. You know how to make him suffer don't you It was good to get some more insight into the Melbourne case and what has happened. Glad the detective showed some compassion. Really liked the line Kyle certainly had a chequered past but he was hardly that much of a criminal mastermind. I look forward to more, update soon
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    Great chapters Whoa not expecting the real Kyle to be dead! Wondering who this Kyle must be really... Wondering if Kat is going to tell Kyle's family and friends or keep it to herself Update soon please xx
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    Nice to get a bit of motivation for Wainwright, who seems to have just badly misread the situation. Even though in a way it'd be another betrayal of trust, I kind of hope Kat does tell Kyle's friends so they know what to deal with.
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    Oh...my...goodness. I was not expecting that. Don't think I like this detective or what he's insinuating, whoever he really is Kyle is still a victim and it should have been handled more delicately. What's going to happen now then?
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    I've made no secret of the fact that she's one of my favourites, she has been getting on my nerves recently though... Possible UK spoilers(Im not sure where you guys are at.)
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    Great chapter I was not excepted the real Kyle to be dead. I wonder who this Kyle really is. I look forward to more Update again soon
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    Have a great idea for a fanfic but have to wait until a librarian lets me know if they are happy with my one-shot Forbidden as I have a few too many unfinished ones in the vault.
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    How good does the Diner set look? Imagine if they did this to Irene's house and we had the view of the beach. The show's sets look fantastic.
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    Great chapters Sorry I hadn't commented on this fanfiction for a while lately because I had been in hospital since on Sunday and I had my surgery for my underbite on Monday so it went well. I got home yesterday and recovering, and getting there every day. Aww Zac and Leah are having a baby! Liked how they told the kids Can't blame Hunter's reaction Glad he come around when Zac talked to him-so lovely Aw loved how Hunter asked Leah to adopt him Looking forwards to the next chapter xx
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    Been putting ideas towards a story today, un-sure whether I will write about it
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    Itching to update the story. But then that means it'll be closer to being done.
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    Great chapter glad they told the kids. poor Hunter feeling left out and aww Hunter asked Leah to adopt him. I look forward to more Update again soon
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