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    The close-up of Irene's face as she opened the kitchen window was actually terrifying! Was it just me or did she smile and then glare into the camera? And the scene of her crying over photos of Damian (and Finlay) was important because it showed the audience that she does love her kids deep down, something that we had been wondering about. She is just completely inept at looking after them because of her alcoholism and alcohol induced violence, and even without the alcohol, she's a pretty nasty person. I have to say I am LOVING Jacqy Philips in the role of Irene. She really is a vile piece of work with no redeeming features yet there is something about the character, which I can only assume is down to the acting that makes her really enjoyable to watch. Like the scene where she laughed out the window at Sophie and Finlay when she raced off. She's just a fun villain. It's a shame we won't see Jacqy in the role once Irene comes off "the grog" but Lynne McGranger does a great job of providing the show with a comedy character (which is essentially what Irene is in 1993/4) in the absense of Marilyn. It's pretty much the only good storyline going on right now. Other than that, Lucinda/Ryan/Nick(and now Mary) getting more boring by the day, Sophie being an unsympathetic idiot, and Blake and Slime-on's bet is rubbish. Thank goodness for Maz being back and she and Adam getting into various scrapes together and seperately. I like their friendship and it's nice to see her helping him out again. Felt sorry for Ailsa when she thought Bobby had given her cake away but it was funny.
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    Colleen needs to come back to, donĀ“t get why she even left in the first place, and i mean in real life not in the show
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