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  2. When Ailsa’s shop burned down, was something built in its place, or were we expected to forget about it?
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  4. Great chapter poor Kyle I hope he will be alright Update again soon
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  6. Oh no poor Kyle I hope that everything will be okay I can't wait to read more
  7. I continue to not blame Ben for being angry with Justin: I get that Justin was in an impossible place, but Ben considers him a friend so he's bound to feel betrayed.I do think Mason needs to get over it a bit as far as Justin's concerned, Brody not so much, but I'm glad Ben listened to him and understood he wasn't involved.Justin's insistence Raffy be kept in the dark become even more dubious with him blabbing to Leah.Ryder did a good job looking after Raffy at school.Simone not turning up to work means she now is letting her personal life affect things, although sacking her immediately could be counter-productive, even if it may well have set Raffy off.I kind of like that Mason was Raffy's first point of contact: Last time he had to take on the responsible adult role with the school, he seemed a bit out of his depth, but now Raffy knows she needs to pick herself up and carry on.Of course, now they've both gone down a very dubious road as a knee jerk reaction to recent events.Mason knows more about what he's doing than Ryder, but that's damning with faint praise: Again, he's medicating Raffy illegally and without really knowing what he's doing, medical degree or not. Well, given the way we've been drip fed scenes between Leah and Justin the last few months after them previously having only a casual acquaintance at best, I think most people could guess it was going somewhere. I don't blame him at all: It did feel a bit of a leap from that awkward kiss in the garden to them being in bed, but they tried to fill in the blanks.Well, good luck to them: They're both reasonably young, free and single, and aside from Leah being left alone with Ryder yet again, they haven't got any responsibilities. See, this is why Marilyn following the news for information on Jett was a bad idea: Now she's got some vague information without access to any official sources that could tell her what's happened to Jett and is going to be panicking.It might have been better to wait in ignorance until the army contacted her with the proper details.
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  9. Chapter 24 (8:32am) Next day… Melbourne – Hotel – Heath and Bianca's Room "Anything from Brax this morning?" Bianca asked her friend who had just entered the room. Ricky walked over to the chair and sat down: "Yeah I got a text to say that Casey was fine, which we all knew anyway." "What about Kyle?" Heaths asks her as he pulls a clean top over his head. "Still no change with Kyle. That was at something like 3am this morning when a nurse checked on him." "Isn't that a good thing?" Bianca quizzes her "After all it means he isn't getting any worse." "Well Brax doesn't seem to think so but this is Brax we are talking about." Ricky tells them "Anyway, you both ready to go." Making sure they had everything (including a change of clothes for Brax and Tamara) Heath then walked over to the table picked up the keys and his wallet: "Yeah I think so." With that they left the room and headed out the hotel so they could get to the hospital. (9:14am) 42 minutes later… Melbourne – Hospital – ICU – Kyle's Room Everyone minus Casey was gathered in Kyle's room when Doctor Murry appeared in the doorway. "Sorry to interrupt but I was wondering if I could talk to Kyle's next of kin?" Doctor Murry says softly. Brax stands up and answers him: "That will be me but anything you have to say can be said with everyone in this room present. So, what is it?" "Well I'm a little concerned by the fact that your brother hasn't regained consciousness yet when there was no reported head injury from the accident." "Could that not just be due to the whole, being impaled on a branch?" Heath states as he remembers having to pull the branch out his brother's side. "No that would not be the cause of this, like I said this is something that would happen with a head injury. I would like to know if anyone has any idea if he may have hit his head or something?" "Not that we know of. What other symptoms could occur with a head injury other than this?" Ricky asks just wanting to know what might happen. Doctor Murry walked further into the room and took the glasses off his face and said: "Repeated vomiting, loss of consciousness for a long period of time, confusion and a headache that doesn't seem to go away which becomes more intense over time. These of course are just some symptoms of a head injury." Heath looks to Brax than not realising says out loud: "Oh no!" "Do you know something?" Doctor Murry asks Heath. "Well it might be nothing and could just be down to the accident but when Kyle was trapped in the car, we had to keep telling him there had been an accident as he couldn't remember." "That was probably down to the blood loss that your brother was something from Mr Braxton." "There was something else though." Brax remembers back at the hotel the other morning. "Yes?" "It might be nothing but yesterday morning when we went to get Kyle, he was sick for like 10 to 15 minutes but he said that was down to a hangover as he had gone out the night before. Then there was the fact that he told us once he had stopped that he would meet us across the road in the café but never did and when we did find him again he joked on saying he was messing with us but to both myself and Heath it was like he couldn't even remember it because he also had an argument with our younger brother that same morning and couldn't remember that either." "That like you say could just be down to hangover." "But doc that's not it." Brax tells him "Last night before we left to go home Kyle was talking to his friend Phoebe and she said that she had come to the hotel to apologise for what happened the night before and that she hoped he was ok." "Apologise for what?" Tamara butts in. "That's the thing, I don't know." Brax replies. "We need to try and get in contact with this Phoebe then to find out if anything happened." Tamara quickly remembers that Kyle once said that Lydia shares a flat with Phoebe, so she decides to inform Doctor Murry: "Why don't you ask Nurse Lydia White to find out?" "Why would Nurse White know about this girl?" "Kyle is friends with Lydia and I remember him telling me that she shares a flat with Phoebe." "Are you sure?" Doctor Murry asks and gets answer in the form of a nod "Well if you excuse me, I will go and call Nurse White right this instance." As they watch the doctor leave the room, Ricky turns to Tamara and asks: "Are you positive that's what Kyle told you?" "100 per cent positive Rick." Tamara says as she goes back to looking at her boyfriend. (9:21am) 7 minutes later… Melbourne – Hospital – ICU – Outside Kyle's Room While Tamara sat with her boyfriend, everyone else was congregated in the corridor. "I know that look." Ricky states as she stares at her boyfriend's face "What you thinking Brax?" "I'm thinking that what if that girl was apologising for perhaps arguing with Kyle then in the process Kyle somehow managed to hit his head?" Brax replies. "But that makes no sense Brax, why would they be arguing?" Bianca jumps into the conversation. Heath thought it was best to tell them who Phoebe was: "Well they might have been arguing because before Kyle left Melbourne with Dad, he dated this chick and apparently she wasn't very happy with him from what we could gather at the dinner on the first night here." Before anyone had a chance to say anything a loud noise was heard coming from Kyle's room and a shout. "SOMEONE HELP!"
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  12. In addition, was the rumor ever confirmed that VanPip left because she missed acting with TomRog?
  13. How random. Do you think he acted better in Neighbours? I always felt like he wasn’t suited as Uncle Phil but was cast because he is good looking
  14. I could be wrong but based on his efforts over the years to go back I think he was axed. At least he wasn’t killed off. I guess he could’ve been a struggling sing,e father and eventually find love again, but I don’t think his character was strong without Bobby. His most recent campaign to go back started after the 30 year anniversary and Endless Summer. That’s when he did the interview with Nicolle coming out as gay. Interesting enough, Nicolle’s Husband looks just like Ross. That aside I’m not sure how he would fit in with the current product. Only Alf and Marilyn know him. I guess he could fall in love with Roo.. I think the character Phil was good but I’m not sure if the actor did the role real justice.
  15. I'm only quoting what Judy herself said. As it happens, I think her death was realistic. Something that's rather rare in Summer Bay...
  16. I was in school at the time and we were all a bit upset when poor Philip got toasted. I think we were taking it a bit too seriously at the time! You are right though - the producers seem to love killing off departing actors. It makes sense for the likes of Tom or Ailsa because those characters were less likely to split from their other halves and sail off into the sunset. Bobby's death seems especially needless because Greg didn't hang around too long afterwards. Which leads on to a question I have. Did the actor who played Greg leave Home and Away of his own accord or was he axed?
  17. I don't know the ins and outs and we can speculate until the cows come home, but contracts are a complicated thing. In the UK, for example, there are classic episodes of EastEnders, Emmerdale and Coronation Street currently being re-run. They're all generally around the late 80s/early 90s in the story. However, only EastEnders can be watched on catch-up steaming services. There's also repeats of British music show Top Of The Pops being shown. Some episodes were presented by people now known to be sex offenders, so they can't be shown. There's also a massive issue where they can't show any episode presented by a guy called Mike Smith who died a few years back - not because he was a naughty boy, but he signed an explicit agreement saying his episodes would not be shown again, something his widow Sarah Greene (also a TV presenter in the same era) has upheld. So there is almost certainly very complicated reasons why The Early Years has come off, which can't easily be worked around. The 5* summer break repeats are a totally different kettle of fish, not least because it's an international territory.
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  19. I don't think she was "put out with the trash." If anything it was a very realistic exit - the heart attack came with absolutely no warning, no build-up, nothing. Which is how it would be in real life.
  20. You took the words right out of my mouth - that look, and if looks could kill Simone would have been a heap on the floor, said it all and Simone had been on edge since she walked into school waiting for something just like that to happen. The cool detached way Maggie suggested to Simone answer Raffy's question was superb. Of course it had to be Raffy making it even more awkward for both Maggie and Simone. Then when Simone ran after her and Maggie said she was only to speak to her about professional matters and she was going home to see to her daughter - way to go Maggie. Impressed too with Ben later when he said he didn't trust himself around Brody if he'd gone with Maggie to pick up Ziggy and her belongings. May seem an odd thing to say under the circumstances but there were lovely father and daughter moments with Ben & Ziggy, she has always been closer to Ben than Maggie. Sophie Dillman was brilliant last night played the full gamut of emotions from utter shock and horror, hate, anger, heartbreak, tiny piece of hope which she thought it may have just been an one off, questioning if all the time she had spent with Brody had been a lie, back to hate and heartbreak. Those words "I'll never be unable to see that" must have struck a chord with any man or woman who have been there for real. If Brody hadn't wimped out by saying he couldn't break the news as she was coming up to her 21st - yes she is only 20, why the surprise? I'm more surprised a year has gone so quickly - I remember the party she had last year - of course she would have been devastated - but that would have been worlds better than finding out the way she did. No way am I defending him or Simone but neither of them would have wanted her to find out like that. If Ziggy hadn't decided to go and give Dean a shout she wouldn't have been walking past that caravan and heard at first a couple having fun and then recognising Brody's voice she would have been none the wiser. She wouldn't have known it was Simone's van, she wouldn't have been interested. Justin of course copped it when Ziggy asked him if her knew and the fact he didn't answer gave her the answer - yes he did. Ditto when Mason asked him later - like you say Slade he was in an impossible position, what would he have done and hasn't he heard the old adage about shooting the messenger? I do agree with Mason he should tell Raffy & Tori, after giving Brody just one chance to tell them himself. Raffy already knows something is wrong between Brody and Ziggy as Ryder saw the row between them, Simone had ducked out of sight when he turned round and looked at the caravan so he doesn't know it involves her. Using the excuse we don't need to stress Raffy out anymore than we have to will not wash and yes Tori is pregnant but she's an adult and isn't it better they hear it from them rather than anyone else like an angry Ben or Maggie. Also they are bound to notice Ziggy isn't living in the flat anymore and Brody is walking around with a face on him. Two ways of looking at Simone for turning up at the school for her session with Raffy one being how could she have the bloody gall after what she has done or the other she had a duty to Raffy to carry out so didn't want to let her down so was acting like the professional she is. Not liking Mason's idea of using Raffy's project as a cover for making their own cannabis oil, of course it's a knee jerk reaction for all the lies that have been hidden but could end very badly, he'd lose his career before its even begun with possible jail time thrown in. In typical soap plot Colby re-joins the police just in time for McCarthy to reveal the local cops had found Ross' watch in the back of that guy's pick up, must have fell off when they moved the body out of it. Colby did ring Dean to ask him to ring him so he wouldn't get an unexpected call to come and pick up 'his' watch, but had to be content with leaving a message. Dean had better not wear it though as Bella would be bound to recognise it as Ross'. Tori and Jasmine do seem to be on more friendly terms after Tori's scare, have to admit I was holding my breath waiting to hear the baby's heartbeat. Not back to where they were but I guess Jasmine was just relieved the baby was OK so Robbo doesn't have to find out his baby had died. I felt sad for Alf when Martha left but then Alf gets a phone call and then decides to go on a fishing trip, such a lovely surprise for us, well I liked it, when he met up with Martha who had decided she will take the risk of going away with him. Hope it goes well for them. Justin looks like he is about to fess up to Leah now it's not exactly a secret anymore, Leah does know how to keep quiet and from what we saw- cough, cough - comforts him.
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