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  11. Wow. I guess I'll start with the cliffhanger at the end, which has left me conflicted. Bella turning Colby in is something I wanted her to do for a while, but I am less convinced about her reason behind it. It is possible that she's still convinced that Ziggy and Dean being together would ruin her 'family', and she just thought "screw it" and just turn Colby in. This might suggest that Bella has been holding in some resentment towards Colby, but she didn't show it because she was getting a (sort of) stable family to be in (which also might explain her change in attitude towards Colby's confession ages ago), having been denied from it for a long time, and now it is being threatened, she sees no point in keeping it in anymore. But on the other hand, it is also possible that this is just a knee-jerk reaction and won't last long, which is disappointing. Otherwise, my sympathy for Bella did grow today with her heartfelt confession that she's afraid about things changing, though while I'm glad that Colby actually did try and listen to her, I couldn't help but feel he only listened with one ear open. Meanwhile, Dean's taken the step over the friendship line with that kiss, and to be fair, anyone could see that coming from a mile away whenever it would have happened. Frankly, I didn't think he should have done that. My mind's still unsure about whether or not I'd prefer them as a couple over their friendship, and also, as Red pointed out, he did it in such as awkward way that made it certainty that it wouldn't end well. Elsewhere, while part of me was startled by her attitude, I did enjoy the carefree rivalry Ziggy shared with the couple throughout the episode. Did feel sorry for the two of them at the end with their backstory. So according to Jasmine, she hasn't had a another panic attack since childhood. I must say, she's been handling it very well. Now, Willow was wrong to bring in the alcohol, no matter whether Irene was there or not. I'm glad that Jasmine was against it initially, until she ended up hiding it in her room. Then again, I don't think that it will be brought up/will happen again, with the last scene with Jasmine looking at the engagement ring overshadowing the hidden alcohol, I'm hoping that it was just a one time. That said, I did enjoy the light girl scenes between Willow and Jasmine, and hopefully we will see more of that. After all that has happened this year, I feel like it's makes more sense than any scenes with Jasmine and Tori (don't get me wrong, I still enjoy their scenes, but part of me is still rattled after the embryo stealing story). And I liked Willow's realisation that 90% of her scenes have been evolving around any drama involving Dean and Colby, so I hope that she keeps up to that.
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    Shoot & Save

    Save Bella Shoot Jasmine Roo/ Irene
  13. Save Tori Shoot Jasmine Jasmine/Bella
  14. Great chapter Poor Kyle. Update again soon
  15. Great chapter I wonder what happened to Emma. oh no Poor Alf I hope he will be okay. Update again soon
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  17. Oh dear poor Kyle heath being his usual self although it wasn't the time for jokes can't wait to read more
  18. Hello, the author here, thank you to everyone who continues to read this story and also to the people who continue to review it, I'm grateful for the reviews and enjoy reading them. Anyway, here's the next chapter. Chapter 27 All around Kyle the machines continue to blast out the worst sound possible just as the nurses and Doctor Murry come rushing back into the room. "He's fitting! Get them out of here now!" Doctor Murry shouts at no one in particular. (3:49pm) 5 minutes later… Melbourne – Hospital – ICU – Outside Kyle's Room "Why do we always seem to be getting pushed out of the room?" Heath says to try and lighten the mood. "Heath, seriously?" Bianca says to her fiancé. "Well it's true woman!" Heath declares. "Can you just shut up Heath!" Tamara yells. Brax walks over to Tamara and wraps his arm around the young girl: "Heath, why don't you take Bianca and Ricky to see Case. Before you say anything, I feel like someone needs to inform him about what is going on with Kyle considering he seems to be worried about him." Heath doesn't protest, instead he takes Bianca's hand and walks off to see Casey with Ricky in tow. Tamara who hadn't watched them leave, turned to Brax: "Do you think he will be ok?" "This is Kyle, he has the stubborn Braxton gene." Brax responds as he walks over to the seats and sits down. "But he didn't know who you all were Brax. Then there was the fact he thinks your dad is still alive." "Tam, you know better than any of us that those memories will come back." "Yeah but it's not the same Brax. I didn't know anyone whereas Kyle still remembers me. I don't understand why?" "Maybe you just happened to be the last person he was thinking about." "I don't know Brax, what if he doesn't get the memories back?" "Then he will create new ones, it will be fine. What we should be worried about is the fact he just had a seizure in front of us." "I am worried about that too. Did you know that a blow to the head can cause a condition called Post-Traumatic Epilepsy?" "What? He was pushed and hit is head of the floor and they said he was fine." "Yeah but if he hit his head in the accident as well that could also add to the problem." Looking at the young girl, Brax said calmly: "Tamara, why don't we just wait instead of jumping to conclusion? Beside where did you get that information, google?" A smile creeped up Tamara's face when Brax said that last part. "There's that smile, he will be fi.." Brax doesn't get a chance to finish as the doctor approaches them. "For safety precautions, I've started Kyle on an anti-seizure drug to try and stop him having any more seizures." Doctor Murry states. "What about the memory loss?" Brax asks. "Well memory lose isn't uncommon after being unconscious however, your girlfriend told me that he doesn't even remember his father being dead." "The only thing he remember is who I am." Tamara cuts in. "See before I said I wasn't too concerned but now with the way he does not remember anything, but his own girlfriend has me more concerned than normal." "So, what now?" "Now I'm going to have the head of neurology take a look at your brother's MRI scans just to get a better understanding of what is actually going on." "Are you telling me you have no idea what is wrong with him?" Brax demands to know as his voice rises slightly. Tamara sensing the situation could turn badly, speaks up: "Brax try to stay calm. Dr Murry is trying his best to help. After all the brain is a complex organ and much about it still isn't know. Right?" "She's a wise one, do you want a profession in medicine?" Doctor Murry asks her. "I was thinking about it. Anyway, what are you hoping the neurologist will find?" "Well I'm hoping that he can try and establish what the problem seems to be. Then once he has given me, a diagnose we can then proceed with the best care for Kyle." Doctor Murry says to both of them. "Tamara mentioned that Kyle could develop Post-Traumatic Epilepsy, what is it?" Brax quizzes the doctor for more information. "Take it someone has been looking up medical terms online." Doctor Murry smiles at Tamara then continues "Well, post-traumatic epilepsy depend on where in the brain the abnormality (electrical or chemical) occurs. The thing with this type of epilepsy is that only ten percent of people who present with a brain injury will develop this condition. However, most post-traumatic epilepsy responds well to anti-convulsant medications. It just takes finding the best drug and dosage, however, can take time, and anticonvulsants can trigger unpleasant side-effects." "So, is that something your hoping to rule out once this other doctor has looked at the scans?" "Yes, as like I said only ten percent of brain injuries result in this condition and as Kyle took a knock to the head both prior and during the accident, there is always that slim chance that he may end up developing PTE. Mr Braxton at this stage I wouldn't worry too much about it until we know for certain what is actually happening." Tamara after remembering reading something online about memory loss, sparks up: "Couldn't memory loss also be a part of the condition?" "I really think you should stop looking your boyfriend's symptoms up online. But yes, memory loss is also part of the condition, however it would only be briefly, and I get the sense that Kyle's memory loss is not just briefly." "Well, I wanted to know what was happening as it was taking forever to get any information." Tamara states looking at the room in which her boyfriend is in "I don't suppose I can go back in there now and sit with him?" "I advise read a medical textbook; I can point you in the direction of some great ones on the subject. Anyway, yes you can both go back in there but don't pressure him to remember anything as it will hopefully come back in its own time, but you have to be patient." Doctor Murry states. "Thank you doctor." Tamara says then rushes back into her boyfriend's hospital room. "Listen, thanks doc for everything your trying to do for my brother." Brax says as he offers his hand to shake the doctor's hand. Shaking the oldest Braxton's hand Doctor Murry smiles and then says he will be with more information as soon as he can. Brax then sighs, runs his hand through his hair and follows after the young girl.
  19. My overall feeling about that episode is "Where did that come from?" I think I have to give Colby credit for not losing it at Bella (at least not yet) and trying to have a calm if rather inept conversation with her.(Was it really news to him that she was upset at Dean not being around as much?Where has he been for the last week?)But that ending was ridiculous.For a start, I'd love it if Bella did report Colby and I wish they wouldn't tease us if it's not going to happen (if Colby stops her next episode, then he's well and truly among the unrighteous).But why would she suddenly decide to do that now, out of nowhere?Some twisted "My family's falling apart so I might as well finish the job" impulse? And where did she get a change of clothes from? Did Colby buy them despite them being in a town that seemed to only have two shops? Meanwhile, in the midst of showing off the landscape, we get the quite nice storyline of Ziggy forming a rivalry with another couple only to end up learning enough about them to be frenemies at least.But what was Dean thinking of with that kiss?Again, where did that come from?I mean, okay, there's been a few interested looks and he's got Colby's latest bad advice ringing in his ears (Did he learn nothing from getting Willow to make a move on Dean?), but did he expect her to just fall into his arms or something?All he's done is make things awkward. And back in the Bay, Willow and Jasmine are getting drunk.I think Willow was wrong to smuggle the booze in with an "Irene's not here", and Jasmine hiding alcohol in the house seems like a recipe for disaster, but I guess at least it's an improvement on the days when the show seemed to have forgotten Irene was an alcoholic and just had everyone necking wine in her front room.Their conversation was rather sweet but I think Willow's back story has been changed: I seem to remember she told Justin her mother walked out on her when she was young.
  20. But Ross was a bad person and I think of all the people Colby saved. Ross was the type to kill any decent human being. Charlotte was the same and if Josh hadn’t killed Charlotte when he did then half the characters would be dead by now. Charlotte would have kept on killing people and she would even have killed her own son Hunter once he turned against her. Gunno even called Charlotte a piece of work and at least Gunno only went after enemies and I thought Gunno was still not a good person by any means.
  21. Josh killed Charlotte by accident and in self defence. So for me, Colby’s murder of Ross was waaaay worse. Josh’s actions after Charlotte’s death were reprehensible. Both storylines ruined characters for me and both made me stop watching.
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  24. Chapter 282 Chapter 282 High School- Summer Bay Ailsa parked the car, reached for her bag on the passenger seat and got out of the car. She looked into the sea of students in front of her to see if she could see Sandra or Emma “Hi Mrs Stewart” Ailsa looked behind her to see Sandra who hugged her “Hello there, did you have a good day?” Ailsa said “Yes” Sandra said “I will give you a lift home, ill be out shortly. I just want to go and have a word with Ms Lawrence” Ailsa asid “Oh, if you don’t mind, I have to finish my project with Craig, we are meeting in the library” Sanda said “Ok love, ill see you at home” Ailsa said and smiled. Sandra had blossomed into a wonderful sweet girl. Ailsa sighed as she thought about Emma as she walked into the school “Oh hi Aunt Ailsa” Lucinda said as she was coming out of the school buikding “Hello love, where is Ms Lawrence’s office?” Ailsa said “Its just straight down on the left” Lucinda said “Thanks” Ailsa said and she walked in the direction that Lucinda told her. When Ailsa got to the office door she knocked. When there was no response, she knocked again then she slowly began to open the door “I DIDN’T SAY COME IN!” the shouting made Ailsa jump and close the door. That was not what she was expecting. Afew seconds later the door flew open “Oh” Debra said as she saw Ailsa standing at the door “Oh, im sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you” Debra said, here she was….face to face with Alfs wife “Oh that is quite alright, I was actually on a phone call…Ailsa is is?” Debra said “Yes…I was wondering if I could have a word with you” Ailsa said “Yes of course, please come in…its funny you came here because I wanted to have a word with you..about Emma” Debra said as they both walked into the office and sat down “As you are aware, fighting will not be tolerated in this school and trouble makers will be dealt with accordingly” Debra said. .“Yes I am aware…however Emma said that the fight was initiated by your daughter” Ailsa said “And Karen said Emma picked on her because she is the new girl” Debra said “Kids...Well whatever the truth is, they are both in the wrong” Ailsa said “I suppose so” Debra said and she stared at Ailsa as the room became silent and awkward “So when did you move out of Summer Bay?” Ailsa said with a smile “I never lived here” Debra said “Oh, I just assumed since Alf said he knew you, that you were a resident of the bay” Ailsa said “No, I met Alf years ago in the city, that is where I am from” Debra said “Oh right, must be a bit different living here” Ailsa said “Yes…it has its moments” Debra said “So will your husband be joining you soon? Ailsa said “No, we are divorced” Debra said “Oh, I am sorry to hear that…well if you ever need any thing down at the house, let me know, Alf is good with a hammer and some nails” Ailsa said and she got up “Thanks Ill keep that in mind” Debra said “What are you doing on Friday, we would love to imvite you to dinner” Ailsa said as Debras heart dropped “Do you mind if I let you know?” Debra said “Yes of course” Ailsa said and smiled “Ok then, ill see you later” Ailsa said and smiled and she walked out of the office. Debra closed the door and leaned behind it then sighed Caravan park- Summer Bay “Hi Mrs Fletcher” Tammy said and hugged Pippa “Where are the others?” Pippa said “They are just coming” Tammy said and smiled. A few seconds later Sally, Steve and Viv came through the door “Hi, how was school?” Pippa said “Alright” Steve said “By the way, there is a letter for you on the desk” Pippa said to Steve. She watched him as he walked over to the des, pick up the letter and walk up the stairs. Pippa sighed “Just going to do my homework” Viv said and Pippa smiled and nodded as Tammy followed her upstairs “Sally, how many times have I told you to empty your pockets before you put our dirty clothes in the laundry basket” Pippa said with a pretend cross face “Sorry” Sally said innocently “You nearly made me ruin this nice picture you drew” Pippa said and she took the picture off from the fridge “I didn’t draw that picture” Sally said “It was in your pocket” Pippa said confused “I found it in one of the vans… Sally said and she walked towards the stairs as Pippa looked at the picture… High School- Summer Bay “Hi” Adam turned around to see Emma standing behind him “G’day” Adam said “I just wanted to say thanks for the other day, and trying to break the fight up” Emma said “No worries” Adam said and he began to walk away “Adam” Emma said and Adam stopped walking and turned around “I just want to say, I am really sorry about everything…..and it probably doesn’t mean anything but I really like you and I am sorry for lying” Emma said and looked at Adam and walked away. Adam watched Emma walk away. He couldn’t lie, he really did like her. She was spunky, gorgeous and everything he looked for in a woman but she was too young. Adam sighed the he returned to picking up the cans on the floor….what he didn’t see what that Karen was hiding and heard the entire conversation and smiled slyly to herself and quietly walked away… Sandra looked up from what she was writing and looked at Craig. He was not writing, he was staring at the wall “Craig, are you going to do any work?” Sandra said. Craig ignored her “Craig?” Sandra whispered then Craig looked at her “We have to finish, I don’t want to get in trouble with Ms Lawrence” Sandra said “I don’t care” Craig said as he played with his pen. He was right..he didn’t care…nothing mattered..only Jonathan and how being with Jonathan made him feel “Whats wrong with you? You are acting really different these days” Sandra said and Craig didn’t responde “Maybe you don’t want to get a good mark but I do” Sandra said “Well do it yourself them” Craig said then he got up..picked up his bag and walked out of the librbary Stewart Shop- Summer Bay Debra exhaled and opened the door of the shop “Be with you in a tick” Alf said as he heard the bell abve the shop dppr indicate that someone had entered his shop “What can I get you” Alf said as he came around the corner and saw Debra standing by the counter “G’day Deb” Alf said and smiled. She still looked exactly the same way he remembered all those years ago “How are you?’ Alf said “Good….I just wanted to get some milk” Debra said and smiled then she waslked over to the fridge, took out a gallon of milk and walked back to the counter and put the milk on the counter. Her hands were shaking, she was sure that he could see her heart beating fast in her chest “Ailsa came to see me today” Debra said as she took her purse out of her bag “Yeah…some trouble with Emma” Alf said “She asked me how I know you” Debra said and Alfs expression changed “Don’t worry, I said I meet you in the city” Debra said and smiled “Oh…right…she invited me to our home for dinner” Debra said “Yeah…she asked me to invite you..you can come if you want” Alf said “Thanks…I don’t think it’s a good idea..you know” Debra said “Yeah” Alf said “How much do I owe you for the milk?” Debra said “$3” Alf said and watched Debra take some money out of her purse. As she handed the money to Alf…their hands touched and they looked at each other for that split second they were back to where they were seventeen years ago. Debra began to blush and Alf smiled. The bell above the door making noise interrupted then and Debra pulled her hand away “G’day Mr Stewart” Debra turned around to see her son. He had come to work a few hours after school like he had done “Start with the boxes out the back” Alf said and Blake nodded then he smiled at his mum and went to the stockroom “Ill see you later” Debra said and smiled then she walked out of the shop. When the door closed behind her, Debra exhaled. Before she walked to her car, she turned around to see Blake and Alf laughing together and she sighed then walked towards her car… Caravan Park- Summer Bay “Come in” Steve said and Pippa opened the door “How was school?? Pippa said “Ok” Steve said and continued to rite his homework “I noticed the stamps on the letter are from England, I assume it was your Aunt” Pippa said “Yeah, shes coming next week” Steve said “Oh it will be nice to meet he, she can come for dinner” Pippa said “No, ill just meet her in the city…I don’t want to make a fuss..you know” Steve said “Alright then….dont forget you are on kitchen duty today” Pippa said and smiled “Ok” Steve said and Pippa sighed and walked out of the room and closed the door and sighed… Stewart Residence- Summer Bay Emma closed the door the house was quiet, which meant there was nobody home. Emma put her bag down and sat on the couch. She stared at the phone then got up and went over to it. She picked up the receiver and began to dial Emotional background music “Hello…mum..please don’t put the phone down” Emma said and before she could finish, the line went dead. Emma fought back the tears until she couldn’t anymore then she cried. She wiped her face then walked over to bar and picked up a bottle of gin. She opened the bottle and put it up to her mouth. The liquid burned as it ran down the back of her throat “What are you doing?” Emma turned around to see Alf standing there. She didn’t realize that he was at hme, he must have been in the garden “What does it look like?” Emma said “What did I tell you last time about drinking grog in this house?” Alf said as he grabbed the bottle from Emma “You cant tell me what to do, if I want to drink its my business” Emma said “Not while you are living under this roof. You better get your act together young lady” Alf said “OR WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Emma said “HOW DARE YOU TALK TO ME LIKE THAT IN MY OWN HOME” Alf “ILL GO THEN..NOT LIKE YOU WANTED ME HERE ANYWAY” Emma said. “YEAH GO ON, CLEAR OFF” Alf said then realized that maybe he was being too harsh. Alf leaned forward and grabbed Emma’s arm. “DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH ME” Emma screamed as she spun around. Flashback Emma- Please don’t….please stop…you’re hurting me…please stop Flashback ends As Emma spun around she was just in time to see Alf clutch his chest and struggle to breath then in slow motion he let go of the gin bottle, it dropped to the floor and smashed then shortly Alf fell to the floor.. Emma stood in shock as she watched Alf drop to the floor. A few seconds later the front door opened “Hello, anyone home” Ailsa said then she saw Alf lying on the floor “CALL AN AMBULANCE” Ailsa said as Emma froze. Ailsa rushed over to Alf “EMMA CALL THE AMBULANCE” Ailsa screamed Dramatic emotional background music ends
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